Friday, February 26, 2016

Is Salvation Free?

John 1:12-13 New International Version (NIV)
12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

Jesus said that in order to be His disciple, you must give up your life. He says that you must lay it all down, carry your own cross and follow Him daily. The definition of believe defines a disciple. In order to believe, you must do the very thing that Jesus claims it takes to be a disciple. Only those who believe in Jesus Christ, according to John 3:16, will inherit eternal life; which is salvation. Jesus died on the cross to give us the right to have salvation (eternal life). So, if Jesus gave us the right, but it costs us our life to receive it, how then is it free? The right to become a child, the right to have salvation is free, salvation, costs you your life!!! Please don't be confused!!!

I believe there are churches in  America who are deceiving and misleading people into a false salvation of words not a salvation of the heart. God looks at the heart. Selah. You confess with your mouth you believe with your heart.

The heart requires action. Words come from your head or mind. Believe is a verb; which requires action.


Jesus Fulfilled the Law (Matt. 5:17)

This is by no means a complete study on Jesus fulfilling the law. It is just one example that I came across the other day while I was reading.

Numbers 35:33
33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.

Shed blood pollutes and defiles the land. The only way the land can be cleansed is by the blood of the one who defiled the land by shedding blood.

Jesus took our sin upon Himself when He died. He died in the place of every sinner. (2Corinthians 5:21, Romans 4:25, 1Timothy 2:6) That being said, He took on the sin of the shedder of blood and then cleansed the land by the shedding of His own blood.

If the people, in general, of any nation will accept this sacrifice and turn their lives and country to God to do His will, their land will be cleansed. (2Chronicles 7:14) Jesus has shed His blood to make it possible.

Grace and peace,