Thursday, March 24, 2016

Are Ya Listenin Folks

Now folks, I need ya to listen up, very closely ok!!!! You are going to live on this earth approximately 70 years unless you do somethin stupid and die early, ok, now listen closely, eternity is forever, it never ends, ok, you still listenin right, 70 years is not even a fraction of eternity, so listen now, you must give your whole life to Jesus Christ, or you don't believe in Him, the definition of believe requires you to read and obey Gods word, Jesus is the word, must follow Jesus. Are you with me, hell aint a party, you don't drink beer and have sex 24/7 in hell. Listen, you burn, there will be 24/7 weeping and gnashing of teeth 24/7 forever, God does not send people to hell, the only way you get to hell is to not give your life to follow Jesus. That would mean you send yourself to hell. do you get it????

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