Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chicago Streets and Alleys

Renee' and I were told by God to leave our job in Arkansas and go to Chicago and preach. So we obeyed and when we got to Chicago we didn't really know how God wanted us to do this so we parked our Suburban about 2 miles away and walked to down town. We had spent a whole day driving around Chicago to get the lay of the land down so we would know our way around. It's not a very friendly place for homeless missionaries with very little money.
So when we got to downtown we began walking the streets and praying for instructions. We prayed and walked for about 3 days before God told us exactly where he wanted us to stand and preach.

The first day we were prepared to preach we got to our place, on top of the Chicago river bridge between Union Station and the Sears tower. We put ourselves into position and waited on the leading of the Lord. For some reason that day I could not preach, a very strong Spiritual battle was taking place and I just couldn't get the words out.
I'm not a bashful man nor am I a wimp who is scared of large crowds, the bigger the better, there was just something against me opening my mouth.
The next morning when we got there, we got in position, and immediately the Holy Spirit gave me the words and I began to preach. Now about 8 am to 10 am there are approximately 15,000 people who cross that bridge on their way to the office to work. I began preaching at 8 am and didn't stop until 10 am. Wow Adrenalin was pumping and the Holy Spirit was flowing and after that two hours I was exhausted.

We kept this up every day except Saturday and Sunday because there was no crowd those two days. The first week most people just bowed their heads to avoid eye contact as they passed by. A few brave souls cracking jokes out loud and one man every day raised his hand and shouted hail satan as he passed.
The second week a man stopped and gave us a free lunch card at a sandwich shop and asked us if he could buy us lunch on Thursday, we agreed. The people rode the train to work everyday, that week several people as they passed by us gave us letters that they had written on the train. The letters would say stuff like we are believers but we would have never had the faith to stand out here and preach out loud in the streets of Chicago, you have given us a new hope and our faith is being strengthened each day we pass by. That was very encouraging and in those letters some gave 20 dollars and one contained a hundred dollar bill. No one knew we had run out of money and were going without food except God.

We met that man for lunch and told him who we were and kinda what we were called to do. When we left the lunch place he was crying and told us he was going to ask his wife if he could invite us to labor day weekend at his house for a time of refreshing and relaxing. We really didn't believe that would happen. But we continued preaching the next week, when a young man came up one morning when the crowd was the fullest. He stopped in the middle of the crowd and began to mock me, saying aren't you people listening to this man he is trying to save your souls. He was very loud and just kept it up taunting and making fun.

Then he walked up to me face to face, this is when I realized he was demon possessed, he said I am from California. He was about my height pretty stocky and about 30 years old at the most. He began to point his finger in my face and holler very loud, all the crowd had stopped and was watching closely. He began to tell me that he was from California and in the streets back home if we see someone stupid enough to stand in the streets and preach this crap we just beat the hell out of them. So you gotta know this old redneck was a very fierce scrapper in my day, I'm only 43 at this time, and this is the first showdown since I got saved, back in the day this conversation would have already ended with him headed to the hospital. But I knew this was a test so I listened for a few minutes and then I rebuked him in the name of Jesus.

This young man began to laugh in my face and tell the crowd do you hear this fool. He turned and told me I outta just whip your ass right here in the street. I rebuked him in the name of Jesus again, that is when he rared back and mustered up him a big wad of spit, what we call back home a big loogy. He got about two feet from my face and spit with all his might right in my face, but the spit never left his mouth it just ran down his chin. Shock went through this young man's face and most of the crowd, he rared back again and mustered him up another one and spit again with all his might, it just ran down his chin, I think the crowd backed up a few steps in amazement and he started backing up with a stunned look on his face.
When he started backing up he just kept spitting and it kept running down his chin, he backed all the way across the bridge never turning his back to me and slobber just running down his chin.

That man who had taken us to lunch came by the next day and invited us to his house for Labor day and we said ok. That Friday we loaded up and headed about 30 miles north to his little town and spent the weekend with his wife and four awesome kids. We got to shower and eat real food and sleep on an air mattress it was totally awesome and relaxing. The whole time I was there he sat in his recliner with his computer typing as I told him my testimony. Those were the highlights of that trip. I have many more stories about the power of God as we traveled the streets and alleys of America preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just Click on Loyd's Stories page.


  1. I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with such rudeness and mischief, but, I know you've done a good thing and the LORD is most pleased with you and your wife. And I just wanted to tell you...Thank you, God Bless you

    1. That's the way it is preaching the true Gospel outside the church building thanks for the comment.