Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gertrude: The Calf with a Story

At one point in our adventures, we lived and worked on a farm in Nebraska. It was beautiful and snowy there. One day, a state worker came looking for us and told us that one of our calves had gotten hit on the road. We didn't have any calves yet, but went to check it out. We took a trailer with us and brought this little calf back to the barn. We figured she probably fell out of the back of someone's truck on the way to the sale barn or the vet. She had pneumonia on top of all the scrapes and bruises from falling out of the truck. She was laying in a pool of blood when we got to her and it was very cold out. Her nose was running and her lungs were full of fluid. She would not take a bottle at first and had to be force fed by running a tube down  her throat to her stomach. After the second day, she took hold of the bottle and drank a little, but not much. It seemed to wear her out. Each day, she drank a little more and gained more energy. We left Nebraska before we saw if she healed completely or if they ever found her owner, but God used her to show me something.

When things go wrong in our lives and we are thrown out and beaten up, it doesn't always mean that we have done something wrong or are reaping from something bad that we have sown. Sometimes, it's just life. We live in a sin filled world where bad things just happen. And, sometimes, we get thrown out of the truck because of someone else's bad decisions. But, no matter how or why it happens, the important thing to remember is that God is always there to help us up and hold out the bottle of His life and victory to us. He's not to blame for our problems. He's the One who will help us remedy them and bring healing to our wounds. Don't push God away in the bad times. He's the One with the answers. He's the One with the life and healing and love that we so desperately need.

I named this little calf Gertrude after my grandmother. She was always wanting me to name one of my children after her. I always said, "I love you, but, no." I told her on numerous occasions that one day I was going to have a cow and that I would name the cow after her. There's another lesson there. :)
Grace and peace,

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