Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Purpose in Your Heart

I read Daniel 1 today and these are some thoughts:

Daniel 1:6,7 Apparently we aren't the only ones who have problems with these Israeli names. :) But, the Babylonian names don't work real well for me either.

Daniel 1:8 Daniel purposed in his heart. That's the kind of decisions we need to make. We need to purpose in our hearts what we are going to do and not do. And, like Daniel, our decisions need to be based on God's word. (This goes along with the video Loyd made about giving your all.)

And, speaking of food..... I know that we are not under the dietary laws of the Old Testament any longer, however, I also know that some thing that are available for us to eat are just plain poison. There are things that God has instructed me not to eat or to limit the amount. You can probably relate to that.

What God has instructed me to do concerning eating, might be different from what He's instructed you to do. Everyone's body is different and certain things will effect us all differently. We also have certain goals at one point or another. My point is really not about food, but to hear God's voice in every area of our lives and be obedient.

This morning I was reminded of some things in my life about which I don't have a purposed heart. Sometimes I put off purposing things in my heart. I procrastinate sometimes as a cop out. But, I know what I need to purpose in my heart today. What about you?

Grace and peace,

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