Monday, March 7, 2016

A True Believer

 A radical is one who believes in what he does, or what he was born to do, with all of his heart. A radical is one who most people want away from them because they cause uneasiness. When your average church encounters a radical, they send that person to a foreign country to preach to the lost way away from home so that person doesn't annoy the church. A radical is one who is not bothered by circumstances that cause most people grief. A radical follower of Jesus Christ is one who has no concerns of the things of this world, but has cast all of his cares on doing the will of God.
The things of this world are the very things that reduce a Christian to a lazy laid back pew sitter who does not want to rock the boat cause satan might show up and make things hard. America's comfortable laid back walk with God, it's all good, I'm goin to heaven I ain't worried about any body else, that's their job, is a big mistake and we will answer for that one day. I don't think that is goin to set well with a God whose second most important command is Love your neighbor as yourself. A God whose Great commission is go into all the world,(including America) and make Disciples of all nations. A disciple of Christ Jesus is a Radical.
A muslim who follows the koran is just a muslim, they lie and kill and do whatever they can to spread islam and prove their dominance.
America calls them radical muslims, but what America don't understand is one who calls themself a muslim, and does not follow the koran is a liar, and not a muslim.
A Christian loves their neighbor so much that they must tell them how to inherit eternal life in Heaven with the one true God Jesus Christ. They follow and obey the commands of Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  That means they read and follow the Bible. If one does not read and follow the Bible and claims they are a Christian, they are a liar and the truth is not in them. So a radical is one who is who he claims he is, one who is not a radical is only a liar who dabbles in religion and has no clue who his God is. There is no such thing as a radical Christian, only a true follower of the word,( which the word is God,Jesus Christ). Let's not be a hearer of the word but a doer, let's not love with words but with actions, The Love of God is eternal life. It Is Time to gather in the Lost, we need you on board with these last days ministries, to gather in the lost. It costs money and requires workers. The lost is not coming to your church you must go get them. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, Jesus was a radical, and He said you must follow Him, and walk like He did.

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