Sunday, May 1, 2016


When you hit the sponsor button, or send money in the mail, what you are getting is a part in reaching the lost for the kingdom of God. When you sponsor us, you are saying that you believe in what we are doing, and that you believe God is working through us to bring His will to pass.
Sponsorship will get you treasure layed up in Heaven for you, it will get you a hundred fold return on your money from God, a promise from His word. If you are a business and you give a large enough sponsorship for us to put your name on the car, your company's name will be on the car, according to the size amount.

If you want to sow seed into reaching the lost for God's Kingdom, you can give as little as 1 dollar or as much as you can afford, God will not look at a small donation as little, but He looks at the heart of the giver and the amount they are able to give, not the size. We would like for you to give regularly, like a certain amount per week or month, or daily. We need your sponsorship to do God's will, everyone can't go, but we can go and you can be a part of doing God's will by sponsoring us.
We are a DBA under Renee's name. We are not a non profit, because the government controls what you can and can't do and say in public, we are going to speak God's words and do His will. Your money will be a powerful seed for the Kingdom of God.
Our address is Loyd and Renee Teakell PO Box 481 Mooresville NC 28115

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