Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thoughts from the Top of a Waterfall

While out on a hike one day, we were having lunch on top of a waterfall. While we were sitting out there just resting quietly and watching the water rush over the rocks, I started thinking about obedience. The water obeys without question, argument or conversation. The water is beautiful falling over those rocks. Absolutely beautiful!! I believe that when we obey God in the same way that the water does, then we are beautiful to Him. It is very important that the water obey God's command. Without the water cycle there would be no life.

Some of the water goes plunging over the cliff to help make the waterfall. Some of the water stays at the top in little hollows in the rock and eventually evaporates to help the water cycle. The plunging water drops don't worry about what the water drops in the hollows are doing. They don't think of a million questions. Is this going to hurt? What's going to happen when I get to the bottom? What do I do then? Where will I end up? What if I don't land in the river? etc. etc. The water in the hollow doesn't complain that it doesn't get to take the plunge like the other water. It just obeys!

We have a tendency to question before we do anything. We want to know why we should do it, what kind of effect it will have, what will happen next, will I be okay, etc. etc. We want to study all aspects of it and make sure we think it's a good idea. We want to see what everybody else thinks about it and what they're doing? God just wants us to obey. He will tell us all the details that we need to know. We must trust that His ideas are always the best.

Then, as if questioning weren't already enough, we try to blow off our questioning like it's not that we don't want to obey, it's just that we want to understand why. But, that's not really true because if we are given the why and we think it sounds crazy, then out come our arguments. God just wants us to trust Him and obey.

I want to be beautiful to God like that waterfall is beautiful to me. I want to die to my ways and my thoughts and live to His. I want to trust God like that rushing water and quit asking questions. Everyone has a job to do. It is not my business what God has told you to do. It is my business to do what He has called me to do. We can't all do the same thing. Some are the eyes, some are the hands. We just all need to do what God has called us to do so that His purposes will be accomplished in this earth.

Grace and peace,

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