Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Faith In The Word

My purpose on the Internet is to shake those up who are weak in faith. That would be the majority of those who call themselves the body of Christ. Jesus is the Word, if we believe in Him, we believe His Words, because that is who He is. What He says is real, you can believe and take it to the bank and never question it. Jesus heals you according to your faith, if you have no faith you get no healing. Jesus is willing and if you call on His name and ask for healing, then run to the doctor,(MAN) you have just renounced your faith and trust in the word. Jesus never sent anyone to the doctor, He only told them to get up and go. God don't need or want man to help Him heal you, all He wants is your faith in step with His word. Soon if you stand for Jesus you will be denied medical attention, then you will have to have faith or die or denounce Jesus to see a doctor. Without faith in God's Word it is impossible to please God. America wants everything now, God tests your faith to build it, If you run to the doctor or medicine every time you have an ache or pain, what is the purpose of the Word,(JESUS). Believe means you don't give up on something, If you believe in the Word than live it, If you don't believe then quit lying and saying you do.

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