Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Music of the Body of Christ

I am learning to play the keyboard. Last night during a practice with some other people, I noticed how each instrument added so much to the total sound. It was amazing to me how much difference one instrument made. I also noticed that the more instruments we added, the less noticeable it was when someone (usually me) messed up. And when I was the one that got lost for a minute, it was easy to jump back in since everyone else kept playing. It wasn't as obvious when I dropped out for a minute as it would have been if I were the only one playing.

That's how it is with the body of Christ. We all need to do our part; we all need to play our instrument so no one is left doing everything themselves. Our part may not seem important by itself, but it will add so much when it is put in place along with others. Maybe we feel inferior because it seems like we have a triangle while our neighbor has a pipe organ, but every part when added to body makes a richer sound.

When we do make a mistake and everybody else continues on with their part and doesn't stop to gasp and stare but just nudges us along while continuing to play their part, it makes it much easier to get up and get back on the right path. We need to realize, within the body of Christ, that we are on the same team. When someone falls behind, we need to help them up and encourage them instead of wagging our tongues and fingers. This will keep the song of the body of Christ sweet to our Lord. It also makes our music more inviting to those outside the body of Christ.

Grace and peace,


  1. YES , I am also learning the keyboard , and I have music , Holy Spirit gave me . so awesome .. WORSHIP IS SO IMPORTANT >> Amen

  2. Thanks for commenting, Terri! I like what the tambourine adds.