Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Truth And The Word

The Truth is Jesus, and Jesus is the Word, and the Word says, when the Master comes back make sure he finds you doing what He told you to do when He left. And when the Word left, he said GO into all the World and preach the gospel making disciples of all men. The Word says you must give up everything and follow me to be my disciple. Before Jesus the Master comes back, The Word says you, referring to His disciples, will be persecuted, beat, hated, put in prison, murdered and b...eheaded. This was Jesus talking to His disciples, all of His disciples, explaining what to expect in the last days. The Word also says Go to the streets and alleys, the highways and hedges and MAKE them come in that my house will be full. Now is the time to sell all, bring the money and get on board with those whom God has entrusted with the visions of the last days harvest, He has given in depth instructions of how the harvest must take place with His last days Apostles. www.streetsandalleys.blogspot.com ,If you are a disciple of Jesus this includes you!!!!

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