Monday, May 23, 2016

Called By God Not Man

I am not a professional preacher, I am a called preacher. I have not been taught faith, I was given faith and then put it to work to grow. I am not a religious Christian, I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I did not decide I wanted to preach, I was told this was my job. I did not decide to have a vision, I did not desire to race NASCAR, I was called and told it was my job, this is what I have for you.
I do not speak just to be speaking, I don't look through the scriptures trying to find something to say. I speak only what the Father gives me to speak. You can only do what is given you from above to do and you shouldn't try to do something that is not given you from above.

It is easy to have a job and go to church and live a comfortable life, but it takes a warrior to lay down their life to follow Jesus when the world and the church tells you that ain't God. I can assure you no one will know what God has told you to do. That will be between you and God. The Pastor that I was around when I was given my vision, told me He did not have the faith to believe for something that big, but He told me if God spoke that to you, I will bow at the alter with you and devote this vision to Him in prayer with you.

A Pastor's job is not to tell you what is or is not from God. His job is to devote himself to helping you walk out your purpose in doing God's will on this earth and to support you when God tells you to go. When God tells you to go, anybody who tries to stand in your way is acting out of flesh not God. Cause God doesn't tell your pastor to tell you to go, He tells you, and your pastor is supposed to stand behind you.
When God calls you, He calls you. He doesn't tell anyone else to call you. It is your job to know His voice, hear it, and follow it. I was called by God, taught by God and sent by God, Don't let man dictate your future with God, let God dictate your future with Him. Man will mislead you, God will make you a success in what He has called you to do, if you do not give up.

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