Saturday, May 21, 2016

He Took Jesus At His Word

This has been the absolute hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I was a workaholic before I gave my life to Jesus. I built some of the hardest highways in America. I took highway construction companies who were nothing and made them into multi million dollar companies.
I could take the hardest things on a highway to grade and grade them to perfection with ease. I did things in the highway industry with a 10th grade education that baffled the engineers. I was a certified welder, I was a heavy haul truck driver, I was a race car driver, engine builder, chassis builder, heavy equipment mechanic, marketer, traffic control expert, cowboy, I broke and trained horses, race horses, barrel horses, roping horses, I shoed horses, I was a painter. I owned my own highway construction company with 30 + employees. I was general manager of major highway companies, managed 200 + employees, multiple multi million dollar highway projects.
I was an alcoholic, a womanizer, a hell raiser, an outlaw, a rebel, a Nascar fan, I raced dirt cars, I was married 5 times and divorced 4 times. I was a very talented and hard working man who had a drive that never ended. I had a heart that wouldn't quit.

When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, all I did was promise Him I would do whatever He told me to do. I told Him I would obey and believe whatever He told me. Since that day I had no clue this walk would be the hardest thing I ever done. Any man can become something big in the world if he has the drive and determination. It takes everything a man has, all His strength, all his drive, all his desire, all his hope, and all the faith he can build to become who God called him to be. And after you have given everything you got, then God has to give you the strength to finish the course. I never dreamed following Jesus Christ would be the hardest thing there was to do.
God has led me and my wife down a path of the ultimate trust in Him. We have had to trust him when absolutely nothing made sense, with no job, no food, no money, no gas, no insurance when all hell is falling in around you, the world is crashing in around you, you're hungry, thirsty, tired and everything you are doing is against everything you were taught growing up. Sitting still in a car in a Walmart parking lot persevering through nothing you can see, but the battle of a lifetime going on inside of you.
On your death bed with the swine flu, in the back seat of a suburban in a Walmart parking lot, hundreds of miles from anyone you know, no gas and not a dime to your name praying for God to either kill you or heal you, when dyeing seemed easier. You ache so bad you feel like your head is going to explode. When 3 days later you are completely healed, all of this going on while everyone you know and love is telling you, you are stupid, just go get a job, this is not necessary.
The only thing you know is the Voice that is telling you to do this, is the same Voice that raised a dead man back to life through you, the same voice that led you through a 3 day total fast that led you to laying hands on a man with a broken neck and seeing him be healed. The same Voice that cast demons out through you, and spoke to demon possessed men who left slobbering on themselves at the sound of His name. The same Voice that told you a year in advance that you were going to race Daytona Speedway next February, while you were completely broke, but it came to pass. The same Voice that sent you from coast to coast preaching in the streets and you saw miracle after miracle, grown men fall to their knees in repentance, while you are broke and homeless, but every time you ran out of gas somehow more gas showed up to get where He told you to go next. The same Voice that tells you what is coming on America is going to bring the church to their knees and many are going to fall from the faith.
I stand here today, still broke and homeless, believing that any second I am going to stand in the winner's circle of NASCAR and proclaim the power and name of Jesus Christ from the mountaintop. All I know is I cannot quit, and my wife stands with me 100%. Our faith gets stronger every day, our persecutions get stronger every day, our hearts and our faith get bigger every day, and absolutely nothing has come to pass in a long time. He sat me down for 5 years to fight the devil for my very existence, then called me back to make the greatest stand of faith I have ever imagined. All the time everyone around me laughing and telling me how stupid I am. Pastors telling me I am a rebel, and don't come around them any more.
Following Jesus is not what the church teaches. What the church teaches is a watered down version of laziness. Following Jesus will cost you your life and it will be the greatest test you ever face, but the victory is so much sweeter than the cost.
Over two years ago God spoke the number 50 to me. We are 3 weeks away from Pentecost which means count 50, 50 days after Jesus rose from the dead. This is the year of Jubilee which is the 50th year, I am 50 years old. So in three weeks 50-50-50 will be lined up in my life. My wife and I have never believed anything in our lives as strong as we do what we are standing for right now. Our hearts are ready and we are ready to receive what God has called us to do.
11.5 years ago January 2005 God gave me this vision. A few days after I gave Him my life. I have never worked this hard at anything in my life. All the people around me tell me if you don't work you don't eat, go get a job, this is un-American. God doesn't tell people to do this. When I was a workaholic, a womanizer and a drunk, people loved me. I always had money and lived in nice houses, drove nice vehicles, had all the things of this world. I had many friends, I was successful in the eyes of the world. I couldn't buy a friend right now, nobody agrees with what I am doing, except my wife. God has plainly called me out to do His will for the last days. Today is Saturday May the 21st, 2016, 11:41 pm.  If Jesus is telling you one thing, and someone else is telling you something else, if you have complete assurity that you know God's voice, the voice of Truth, then you need to follow the voice of Truth, Jesus. If you are His child, you will know His voice, don't let man stop you from following the voice of Truth.


  1. I praise God for your testimony and your obedience and witness to our Lord in a culture of lukewarm norms.I am burning inside to go out into the lanes and squares to share the good news of the Father''s reconciliation to all men by His grace in the Person and atoning blood of His Son, Jesup Christ. He has me now in a time of preparation for His wise purposes. I am so edified by your post, and will pray for you faithfully.
    May His grace superabound to you and through you, to God's glory!

    1. The church don't believe in laying down your life for Jesus anymore, He has put us Apostles on display to bring obedience and faith back to His people. If we don't obey and go out, the lost will not be found. I f God is preparing you, make sure you obey everything He says, because every step is very important to His plan. Just be sure you understand no matter what He tells you, how dumb it looks to the world, You can trust Him to take care of you no matter what. He will not let you fail, all He wants is obedience. Loyd

    2. George,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It is very encouraging to us. And thank you for your prayers!!! They are very much appreciated!
      Grace and peace,