Thursday, May 5, 2016

Many Will Fall

Some People have said I am against the church, Why would I be against the very person I am trying to wake up from their slumber. God has given me an understanding of the truth and what is heading our way. The shape that the church is in is detrimental to their existence. I know that what is being preached is wrong, because God revealed to me it is wrong and showed it to me in his word. What I am telling you is, when all hell breaks lose and you start being persecuted, and the government starts taking away all the rest of your rights, and you start getting murdered, beheaded and put in prison for the name of Jesus, and you either deny him or starve.
That is when you are going to question why your preacher told you Jesus was coming to save you from all of this. That is when you are going to say, where is the teddy bear flesh loving Jesus that my preacher told me about. Why has he not came to get me. That is when the Word says many will fall from the faith, the Love of most will grow cold. If you are not rooted and grounded in the word of God, you are going to crumble when all hell breaks lose.
I know as Americans we cant believe that anything bad can happen to America, it is the great nation blessed by God. It used to be blessed because it followed Jesus, but it is turned to lies, myths and theories that are against God. I am trying to warn you of what is coming, I'm not debating the truth with anyone, I am telling you the truth and you need to listen, Pastors are deceiving people to fill up their pews and offering buckets. The truth is going to rudely awake you if you are deceived by man's lies.
Pastors are taking part of the Bible and saying it is not written to us, this is a lie and it is deceiving many. People are really believing these lies. The Bible warns us about this. Many times the bible, Jesus says do not be deceived, liars are here people and they are confusing the truth.
I am telling You, you must give all of your life to Jesus Christ, He don't want your spare time or your spare change, He wants all you got, He repeats it over and over in His Word. You must lay down your life, love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself, and forgive everyone who has sinned against you.
IT IS TIME to wake up church. Salvation is not free, The right to become a child of God is free, Jesus died for that right and you cant buy it. But Salvation will cost you your life. John Chapter one, read it. Believe is a verb, action, it will cost you your life to believe in Jesus, (THE WORD).

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