Thursday, May 12, 2016

Now What Do I Do???

After 5 years of living in our jeep, suburban, and tent, trusting God for our very existence, going hungry, stopping on the side of the road until more money showed up to continue, washing our hair and shaving in sinks at rest areas and creeks, walking until our feet could not go anymore, going weeks without a bath, fasting, praying, preaching in the streets traveling from coast to coast, not seeing any family and friends, waking up in the middle of the night to go and answer the Holy Spirit's call, being cold, sweating all night while trying to sleep, fighting mosquitoes, being run out of parking lots in the middle of the night, we arrived in Michigan, where NASCAR races in the heart of automobile country.

As usual when we arrived, we found a place to park and began walking and praying for God to direct our steps. We always looked for a free way to get in the tracks so we could put our feet on the track and pray and in the stands. We found a way in and sat down to watch practice and pray and listen for God's direction. At the end of the day we found a place to park our suburban so we could sleep for the night. We walked around the quaint little town and checked out some local things that were happening, all the time praying for God's direction.

The next day we went to the track to pray, something felt different and we couldn't figure it out. We had been to every track since Daytona and seen Miracle after Miracle along the way. This day was going to be one of the best and worst days we had known. The Lord spoke to me and He said, You are finished, go home and stop what you are doing, it is over. HM, I didn't know what that meant, because we didn't have a home, everything we owned to our name was in that suburban.

We had seen a little park in town by an old Henry Ford Manufacturing plant with a spring fed creek flowing through it, so we decided to go there and rest. We had not really rested in so long we didn't really know how to rest, always listening for God's next direction. When we walked into the city park there was a sign there that read, come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Wow how awesome is God? We got our blanket and laid it by the creek and rested. This was a Saturday around noon.

The Lord spoke to me again and said I want you to go to New York City, and go to the church service of David Wilkerson. It was a long drive to New York City from where we were and we were sure church would start around 9 or 10. So we jumped and got in the suburban and began our drive to New York. I drove hard till midnight. We were in New Jersey but still a ways away from the city. I couldn't drive any more and we pulled over. Renee' tried to drive but she was too tired also so we pulled in a rest area and went to sleep.

We were so tired we slept till 9 am. When we woke we were upset because we thought we had missed the service, so we rushed the rest of the way to Hoboken New Jersey, found a place to park the car got on the subway and finally made it to downtown. We had no clue what the name of his church was or where it was, but we started walking towards Time Square. We saw a little police station in the middle of the street, so we asked, and one man said I think it is 8 blocks straight ahead in Time Square. So we took off, it was around 3;15 pm, we finally saw a sign for Time Square Church and we walked up to the door at 3:30 pm.

The most amazing thing happened, when we got to the door people were standing outside chatting, and when we looked at the sign it said church service was at 3:45 pm. Now where we come from there ain't no church has service at 3:45 pm on a Sunday afternoon. So we walked inside and sat down, it was about to begin.

They had a little praise and worship, and then a man, got up and said, David Wilkerson had an emergency and had to leave town, and he introduced a Pastor from Alabama who was going to preach. Instantly I said God He's not even here, what's up?

So when the man got up to preach he said he was in town putting his son in college when David had called him and told him he had to leave town and needed him to preach tomorrow's service. He told David I did not bring the clothes, I don't have a sermon, David told him, you have to do it I gotta go now. So the man said ok and he went to the motel got on his knees and began to ask God what to preach on. He said God gave Him the most unusual sermon he had ever heard.

He said so here we go. He preached on Lazarus being raised from the dead and Jairus' Daughter being raised from the dead. After he got through preaching he said, God has told someone who has given their life for a long tiresome time of chasing a ministry doing God's will with all your heart, you are wore out and God told you to go home. He said God is going to raise your ministry from the dead, but first you must let it die, you have to let go of your promise and vision from God and let it die. God says He is going to raise it to life at the right time, but it is time for you to go home and rest.
WOW!Why did we have to travel all the way to New York City to hear an unprepared preacher from Alabama preach a message in a church service that started at 3:45 pm for a man who was well known who had an emergency, to two worn out disciples of Christ who had no home and didn't know what to do? We didn't know what to do or where to go, we just sat on the steps of the church and wept with sorrow and happiness and confusion and awe.

I didn't understand how to quit and walk away from something I had given everything I had to do. We just mingled around a little, we ate a pizza with our last bit of money and caught the subway back to Hoboken. And the rest of the story is in my testimony.

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