Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Body Of Christ Come

God has A plan for the body of Christ, and working for the world aint his plan.
God His calling the body of Christ out of this world and into His will. This country is heading directly for a brick wall blinded by satan. You and me and no politician is going to save it. They are going to take your country away from you, kick you out of it, and make you slaves to their way of life.
But God has a very big plan, that plan includes all of those who believe in Jesus, to come together to fulfill His plan for His glory to be revealed. God's plan takes faith hope and trust in Jesus.
It is time to give up your comfortable little teddy bear lives and give your life to something bigger than you, the will of God.
Sitting in a church pew listening to a bunch of stories is not going to get God's Will done. You have got to come out of the life of the world and come together as the body of Christ, IT IS TIME!!!!! Wake up America.

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