Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Day God Said I Got This

In February of 2005, standing in Turn one of Daytona speedway, God said next February you will race this track. In October of 2005, I still had no clue where the money was going to come from to race Daytona, and I knew time was getting short, cause testing was in December and I was still broke and had absolutely nothing to my name. I was driving a borrowed pickup from my Mom, using a borrowed gas card from my Mom to eat and fill up that pickup. I was doing hurricane relief in New Orleans for free for a ministry.
That was when one day I literally had nothing, and the next day heading to North Carolina with 600,000 dollars in my pocket to race Daytona still wondering what happened. I raced Daytona just like God said, when literally everyone told me, you aint gona race Daytona. But that was when God said let me show you that I am the Lord thy God. You don't just walk off the street and race Daytona, unless you are called and ordained by God for that purpose.

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