Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Day Of The Lord Will Be The Worst Day Known To Man

The lord said to me, this is what it is going to look like just after the what the church calls the rapture takes place, just after the dead in Christ rise and those left alive are caught up in the air to meet me, everyone will see this take place and many will be left, crying out to me with hands lifted high asking, what about me Lord, I praised you on Sunday, I listened to the preacher on Sunday and on Wednesday, I raised my hands in church, I gave my tithes, I posted sayings about you on Facebook, I clicked yes on Facebook when it said do you love the Lord.

They will say but Jesus what about me, as fear grips their hearts, they will cry out with all their might, I believed in you??? I spoke about you in public, The Lord will say away from me you evil doers, I never knew you, you worship me with your mouths but you actions deny me, your hearts are far from me, you did not follow me, you did not obey me, you did not give up your life for me.

True worshipers will worship me in Spirit and in Truth, The Word is the Truth, Jesus is the truth, He is the Word, He is the life and the way to heaven, only His disciples, the true worshipers, the ones who gave Him their lives, the ones who where found doing His will, will be caught up with Him in the air, they will rule and reign with Him for a thousand years. The rest will face His wrath, they will watch while the earth melts beneath them, fear will be so strong hearts will stop beating, they will stand with outstretched hands crying out to Him, no don't leave me, take me Lord, Please!!!! the Word says, it will be the worst day known to man, never to be equaled. The church is teaching Luke warmness, just say a few words and go live your life, your locked in with an insurance policy to heaven, fire insurance, If you are baptized that's all you need. LIES!!!LIES!!!LIES!!! You must be a disciple, you must give all of you to Jesus.

People, IT IS TIME to wake up and head the voice of the Lord, the pastors are leading you astray, the ones who preach anything less than you must give your whole life to follow Jesus. No servant is greater than His master, no student above His teacher, Jesus gave His life so you would have the right to give your life, to have eternal life. It will cost you your life to have Life. You must lose your life for Jesus. You must be born again, by the Spirit. Wake up people. Now is the time to be doing the will of God, gathering in the lost. NOW!!!

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