Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Devil Cannot Snatch You Out Of God's Hand

My wife and I were at the NASCAR race in Phoenix for the week. We had been walking around the track praying over the fans as they were walking around and gathering for the race. While the race was going on we walked around the track filled with a 100 thousand + fans interceding for the fans while they watched the race. This was our job for this year of our life, the directions God had given us at the time. We had saw many give their lives to Jesus that year as we traveled and followed NASCAR.

I have an uncle and aunt that lived in Arizona near the track, so after the race was over, we went to visit them before we left. We spent a couple of nights with them, and one morning as it was still cool we went for a desert walk through the cactus. It was in the spring of the year while the cactus was in bloom. These cactus have some very beautiful flowers. As we walked along we were marveling at the beauty of the desert in the spring.

As we were on our way back to the house, we had come from the desert back into the subdivision when we saw a very old man sitting on an igloo cooler in his front yard leaning on his walker pulling weeds. In Arizona they don't have grass in the yards they have different kinds of gravel, and the weeds grow up through the gravel and make it very ugly. As we walked by, we spoke to the man and laughed with him for a short moment. We continued to the house and my aunt and I both felt the need for me to go back and help that old man pull his weeds. So, I got my gloves and headed back to his house.

When I walked up in his yard, I went to the far corner and began pulling weeds. I figured to work from one side to the other. He stopped pulling and asked me what I was doing. I said helping you pull these weeds. He said no, you don't need to do that, I got this. I said I am here to help and I would not take no for an answer and continued pulling. He just kind of looked shocked and started talking. He was a talker. He asked me what did I like to talk about, baseball, football, basketball??? I told him I liked to talk about Jesus. I was making good time, the weeds weren't too thick, very scattered but still a lot of them. I had made it around the corner and in the front yard where he was now, pulling away.

He said, Jesus.... well, I got a story. A few days back a Jehovah's Witness came knocking on my door. I answered the door and they started running off at the mouth about all this stuff and I just shut the door on them. He said you just know in your knower when someone is full of it. He said a few days after that a couple of Mormons came to my door and started telling me about their stuff and I just knew they weren't from God so I sent them away. I told him you will know them by the fruit they bear, that was what the Lord gave me to speak to him. I just kept pulling and had made good time and was almost to his driveway. He had brought us a sprite to drink, and I slowed and drank it with him.

As I went back to pulling he told me a Muslim came to him and was telling him about Islam. He said right away I ran him off because I knew he was full of it. I had crossed the driveway and was on the last piece of the yard. I had shared some scriptures with him as we talked, but the Lord kept telling me to tell him you will know them by the fruit they bear. He told me, we got this nosey Baptist woman and last week she stopped on her way to church and was telling me how I needed to believe in Christmas and Easter and all this stuff. He said I ran her off and knew she was full of it.

I just repeated you will know them by the fruit they bear. Obviously, God was working on his heart. I was almost to the end and he said, now I get it. Fruit is like you pulling my weeds when you don't have any reason to do so. I said yes, you could use that scenario. As I was getting to the end, he had gotten in his little wheel chair scooter thing with a seat belt that holds him in, and he had backed it up to the garage and was leaning back on the garage door. He told me, You have given me the understanding of faith. He said, now I see what you are saying by you will know them by the fruit they bear. You are a perfect example of who I desire to know. I just said ok and he said I want to know this Jesus you serve. I told him it would cost him his life, cause Jesus tells us we must give Him our lives and follow Him. I was just about finished with the weeds when he said I am ready, I want to give Him my life.

I got up from the weeds and walked over to him as he leaned on the garage door. No sooner than I got to him, he began to go into convulsions shaking and jerking like a demon was controlling his body. The man had told me he was 85 years old. He was violently convulsing and finally he fell over hanging from the seat belt completely limp with is eyes rolled back in his head. All you could see was the whites of his eyes, there was no breathing, no heart beating, the man had died seconds before he gave his life to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit took over me as I stared at his lifeless body. I grabbed ahold of him and lifted his body up straight and began to speak the name of Jesus over him. About three times I spoke the name of Jesus and the man's body came back to life. He grabbed his heart and began to say call 911, I need to go to the hospital I am having a heart attack! I grabbed ahold of his ankles and began to pray over his body. Then I grabbed his knees and was speaking the name of Jesus. He said call 911 I'm having a heart attack! I told him sir, you are not having a heart attack that is only Jesus cleaning out your heart, just hang on Jesus is fixing you up. I continued to lay my hands on him and pray. Finally, he relaxed and rested.  He gave his life to Jesus and got up from that scooter and walked to the front door of the house and knocked on it.

His sister came to the door. She was younger than he was and was a skeptic. He told her that he just gave his life to Jesus. He said, I thought I had a heart attack but Jesus fixed me. She said, you want me to call an ambulance? He said, no, I'm fine. He was smiling and walking around. I told him it was time for me to go and he handed me 20 dollars and said this is for your travels and thank you. As I walked away, he went into the house. When I got to the other side of the street the anointing began to come off of me and I began to weep under the power of God. I was overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit and I wept all the way back to my uncle's house.

They saw that I had been weeping and asked what happened. I told them, if I told you, you would not believe me. They said yes, we can see something amazing happened. So I told them what Jesus had done through me. That was an awesome day in the Lord. The devil cannot take what belongs to God.

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