Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Great Stand Of faith

Over Two years ago when I was seeking the Lord, He gave me the number 50. At the time He gave it to me I was 48 years old, I had been seeking Him for the time in which my vision would come to pass. That would mean I would have to wait another 2+ years to see it, that was very discouraging at the time, I had already waited 9 years.

5 Years ago on the twelfth day of June was the day God told Renee' and I to go home and let the ministry die so He could raise it from the dead. Through a bizarre set of circumstances He confirmed His words to us, and His promise was I will raise it from the dead.

Adar is the last month on the Jewish calendar, every two to three years they have a kind of leap month, kind of like our leap year, they call it Adar ll, or Adar sheni. This year just happens to be the year they have an additional month. That results in Passover being in April and Pentecost being in June. This year Pentecost is June 12th.

When God gave me the number fifty 2.5 years ago I knew I would be fifty in October of 2015. I did not realize that this would also be the year of Jubilee that is the fiftieth year. On top of that, Pentecost lands on June twelfth, Pentecost means to count 50 days from first fruits, which is the anniversary of the day God told us to let the Ministry die, but the only way Pentecost could land on that reunion would be a year where the extra month is added.

So on June twelfth of this year will be in my life 50-50-50, the day of Pentecost, which means to count 50, the year of Jubilee which is the 50th year, I am 50 years old, and the scenario that the extra Jewish month allowed that to all line up.

Now I am not a man of believing in coincidences, I believe God does things for a purpose, I find it real interesting and hard to believe this is a coincidence, 2.5 years ago God gave me the number 50 to see this all line up with His way of bringing things to pass.

Now in December of last year God told me to quit working for the world and start preaching, wow that caused a bunch of people to rebuke me and tell me that aint God. Us preachers know better cause God tests those He sends. Then just before Passover there is a day that the Jews call the pulling away, that was the day God told Renee and I to leave the church and meet Him in the streets and He would show us how to bring our Ministry to pass.

During this time of living in our pickup on the streets, trusting God for everything, we have been putting our message out on the internet just like He told us, and letting people know we are available for service. On Pentecost it will be close to ten weeks we have been living on the streets trusting and believing God. This has been a great test of faith. The people around us call it stupidity not faith. God has once again strengthened our faith through this time.

On June twelfth of 2016 I am expecting the greatest Miracle of my life to come to pass. Now if you think about it, it would be to my best interest to be quiet and just see what happens, but I am a man of faith, and I believe that all of this does not line up for no reason, so I am sharing my faith with my brothers and sisters.

Anytime God brings forth a great Miracle, or at least in my life, there has been a great stand of faith that proceeded the Miracle. I don't believe that is a coincidence either, God purges you of your unbelief, before he shows you a great Miracle. I believe all over America this Pentecost, many great Miracles are going to take place.


  1. Praise God! He speaks to me through numbers and street signs.
    Evangelist Jeff Kovene

    1. I've never heard that before, that must be an interesting journey. Loyd