Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Greatest Warrior That Ever Lived

This Memorial Day, I would like to remember the one who gave it all, for those who gave their lives for the USA to be free. The ultimate price was paid by Jesus, a great price was paid by those who served for the freedom of the USA. The ones who served, have one greater that they can serve and be delivered from all they faced in their service, He did not only give His life for us, but He carried our sicknesses and our sorrows, our pain and our sin. The greatest price that was ever paid, will never have to be paid again, because it was all accomplished by Him Jesus Christ. For all our great warriors who are still alive, you have one who can take all your sorrows and sicknesses away.

Jesus laid down His life for us, the example of the greatest love ever shown, so we have an example to lay our lives down for our brothers, to tell them about eternal life through Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus, and thank you to our Warriors, who served the USA.

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