Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Most Devoted Woman Of God I Know

                                 My Wife
When I met my wife she was giving her and her daughter to do hurricane relief in an uncomfortable situation, in heat, devastation, stink, chaos, hard work and sweat. She had all she needed and could do anything she wanted to do, but all she wanted was for God to lead her to do His will.
The first night she met me, I told her my testimony and vision. Before I was finished she stood up crying and said I have to go pray now. Later she told me that she was overwhelmed by someone who had literally given everything to God and was believing for something that was impossible for man, only possible for God. She said how awesome would it be to believe for something that big.
Neither one of us was looking for a spouse or someone to date, we were looking to stand in the middle of God's will and see His Glory come to pass. All we wanted was for God to use us to our fullest potential and not allow anything to come between us and God's will. We were both running wide open towards God and we reached out to the one beside us and grabbed their hand and it was a connection from God, at that moment God connected us for life to do His will.

My wife had over 600 thousand dollars in the bank, she had a 3,000 sq ft two story house with a two car garage in a very nice neighborhood in a  Houston Texas suburb. She had a Ford diesel 4x4 Excursion paid for, a house full of books, furniture and all the amenities of this world, she had all she could want and was in need of nothing, but she felt empty, cause she wanted to be doing God's will.
God had told her she was going to get remarried and spend all her money on her new husband. Most women would have ignored that voice and done their own thing. When she had figured out that God was telling her that she was going to marry me, she told God it is going to fast, he comforted her and showed her He was in control to relax and trust Him.
We set the date for six weeks after we met, we got married on the ship we slept on, while doing hurricane relief in New Orleans, where we had met. Two weeks before we married, she put me in charge of her life, we went to her house sold and gave away all of it's contents, we gave the proceeds to the poor and needy, we gave the house to her oldest daughter and son-in-law. We traded her Excursion for a little PT Cruiser, to a ministry who was in need of a big diesel truck. She turned her entire fortune over to me, to build a race car and take my ministry to Daytona to do the will of God.
At this point we had known each other for six weeks and I had turned her life upside down changed everything she knew, and headed her life in a completely different direction, all because God told her this is my will for your life, trust me I am in control. Her whole family and friends told her she was crazy and was headed for destruction. Everyone she knew was against what she was doing, but she knew she had heard from God, just like I knew that I had heard from God. All we did was believe God and submit to His will.
In 30 days I had spent half of the money, we got married on October 28th, my birthday, we tested at Daytona December the 15th. At this point they told me I could not race Daytona, don't even ask because it was out of the question. I told the car owner to get the car ready to race no matter what, he said you are wasting your money. He got it ready to race, all odds were against us, Renee never questioned me or backed away from her commitment. December the 24th they approved me to race Daytona, on Feb 11th on a Saturday night we got rained out. The race rescheduled for 9 am the next morning. We started 28th, in 4 laps we were in 14th place, 14 laps into the race in the middle of turn 2 the car in front of me spun sideways right in front of me with cars all around bumper to bumper, with no where to go I ended up in the wall head on with a totaled car and our day was over.
We spent the whole next week leading up to the Daytona 500 having a tent revival across the street from the track with a 700 man tent, a 17,000 dollar sound system praising God and reaching the lost. We seen the Glory of God show up and miracles take place all week.
Nothing happened as far as a sponsor or funding, we left there with less than 50,000 dollars left. We had spent everything Renee had to race Daytona, the little we had left God told me to give to other ministries, to sell what we had left, buy a Jeep and a tear drop trailer and travel the country and preach the gospel.
 Just before I had asked Renee to Marry me, God told me to ask her a question. He said to ask her would she stand broke and homeless With me in the street and hold my hand  while I preached the gospel. She had told me yes.
So 6 months after we got married, we had sold everything thing she had, we had spent every bit of money she had, we were living in a Jeep with everything we owned in a tear drop trailer and sleeping in a tent, traveling across America preaching in the streets. She never waivered and never attempted to leave.
Now ladies, for 5 years, she was cursed by everyone who knew her, laughed at made fun of, everyone she ever loved or cared for abandoned her, because of me. We had went weeks at a time with nothing to eat, we had been over 30 days at a time without a bath, we had slept in our Suburban that we had exchanged for our Jeep for going on 5 years, in places like downtown Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, St Louis, New York, New Jersey and so on. Nothing in her life was comfortable and nothing was easy. It seemed like God had abandoned her and left her for dead.
The Miracles that God did through us, the lives that God saved through us told the story, because our lives looked like we were abandoned by God. We had many struggles and some arguments, but she stayed submitted and trusted God when she couldn't trust me. She washed her hair in creeks and rest area sinks, she brushed her teeth out of a gallon jugs beside the car, she walked till her feet ached and were covered with blisters, she woke up with ice on the inside of the windows of the car, or sweating so bad her clothes were wet. She even ate food off the ground of the parking lot, and sacks thrown out of the windows of cars. The churches told us we were fools.
After all of that, God told us to let the ministry die and go home, to get a job and forget the ministry. He said when it was time He would raise it from the dead. Now everything she had and had dreamed of and was promised just died and she had to go to work and earn a living and stay with the man who had destroyed everything she ever had and had dreamed of.  The next 5 years was the greatest struggle the two of us head ever lived through, it was all we could do to come out still together with God still in control. The devil did all he could do to destroy the two of us and our vision and dreams.

On the ninth year of our marriage, God told us It Is Time, go back to North Carolina and get ready for the ministry to be raised from the dead. We were kind of excited, but this time we were coming back to the place we thought had destroyed us, with nothing, the first time we came here we had a bundle of money, this time we had nothing. It was not encouraging, but we were being obediant and following God's voice. 
After a year of working like slaves, being laughed at for still believing this dream, persecuted for trying to preach the gospel that nobody wants to hear, the truth, we are back to living in our car, broke and homeless, standing in faith, with nothing but the voice of God to stand on. This woman is still believing and trusting God, that she is going to do what God has called her to do.
The strongest most submitted obedient woman I ever met, has not given up because of circumstances, situations, attitude, she gave her life to Jesus to do the will of God, and she has not taken it back no matter what. We have both made many mistakes, but we have persevered by staying in the word and praying and seeking God even when it made no sense and hurt like hell.
All you have to do is believe, have faith and trust God, read follow and listen to God's voice. We now stand at the edge of the highest cliff, on the highest mountain, on the steepest side of the mountain, with new feathers and a new beak, ready to leap and soar on wings like Eagles. The Woman I love more than ever.
In the past 10 and a half years of knowing her, she has never been to the doctor, she has never taken medicine, she has never had a checkup, she has lived through hell, been sick been hurt, been abandoned by everyone who ever loved her, she never stopped trusting God and loving me. The most devoted wife I could ever knew. Her name is Renee' Teakell.


  1. God is always an awesome God and your wife is an amazing woman. Praise God for His awesome love. Amen

  2. I cannot begin to explain the strength that God has given my wife, even when I did not have any more strength, God gave her the strength to stand in the gap for me. When a man finds a wife, a wife devoted to God, He finds a good thing. Thank you and Amen.