Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Three Greatest Deceptions Ever

                            The Three Greatest Deceptions Since the History of The World Are:  Wolves in Sheep's Clothing;

Everything is free, all you gotta do is say some words and you're locked in Going to Heaven and nobody can take that away from you. That is a lie from the pit Of Hell. In John chapter one it perfectly explains that Jesus died to give you the right to become a child of God. Jesus explains in all 4 gospels over and over that you must give up your whole life and follow Him or you cannot be His disciple. Disciples are the ones who are going to inherit eternal life. Those who laid down their life to do the will of God. Once saved always saved is a lie from the pit of Hell and the church is preaching it to suck you into attendance and offering. Salvation will cost you your life. If it doesn't cost you your life, you don't possess it. Jesus says out of His own mouth, Many will fall from the faith. The Love of most will grow cold.
Pre Trib is a lie from the pit of Hell. Nobody is leaving this earth until the first resurrection, unless you die. This thing they call a rapture is when those who are disciples of Christ will be caught up in the air after the dead in Christ have risen from the dead. We will all meet Jesus in the air and that is not happening until the anti-Christ is on the throne ruling and reigning, calling himself God, and the mark of the beast is in place.
You are only saved by faith. Faith is a verb and requires action. Only those who believe in Jesus will be saved by that faith. Believe is a verb and requires action. Jesus explains that action when He says you must give up everything you have to be my disciple. You must do the will of God. You must produce fruit.

In these last days, many are going to fall from that faith because their preacher has preached what their itching ears want to hear: its all easy, you don't have to do nothing but speak these words and go live your life. LIE< LIE< LIE!!! The disciples will be like aliens and strangers in a land not their own. We will not look or act like the world. We will be different and all will hate us because of Jesus and we will make Israel jealous. When all hell breaks loose in America and you have to make the decision between eating or standing for Jesus, all those lukewarm are going to fall because a preacher lied to them and deceived them to the point, they are going to say where is that teddy bear Jesus that my preacher told me was gonna come take me to heaven before anything bad happened to me.

It's not free. You can fall from the faith you are saved by; and you ain't leaving this earth before the tribulation begins. Only those who persevere until the end will be saved. Thousands of church buildings will still be standing and at full capacity with the preacher still in the pulpit preaching the day after the first resurrection is over. Millions of people are deceived and thinking a lie, because the Pastors have taken control of the church and kicked all the real preachers out and won't let the truth be spoken, because you might offend one of those who are headed to hell because they believe a lie.

I don't understand why someone wants to live a life of deception believing a lie that is going to leave you in eternal torment. You are not going to heaven unless you have given Jesus your whole life to do the will of God and produce its fruit. Disciples, that is what a disciple is. A believer is a disciple, a Christian is a disciple, you must give your whole life or live eternity in hell. A loving God sent His Son so you could be saved from hell. If you are too lazy to give Him your life, you are too lazy to live with Him in Heaven.

You must be born again, born  by the Spirit. There must be a transformation that takes place inside of you. Words will not transform you. The church should not have to tell you right from wrong. Inside of you the Holy Spirit will convict you of sin and you will desire to be set free of that sin. Only Jesus can set you free. www.streetsandalleys.blogspot.com

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