Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When God Said Go

www.streetsandalleys.blogspot.com , There's a funny thing about me, when I gave my life to Jesus, I was sincere about it, I gave it all to Him, not just the part I didn't want. Three weeks after I was saved God gave me the vision that is spoke about on my blog of racing NASCAR, I never desired to race NASCAR, God gave me that desire. He also three weeks after I was saved told me In February of 2006, I was going to race Daytona, and that happened. But when I told man, that I was going to race Daytona, they told me I was a fool, that aint gona happen. Now that I am back to finish the vision and race NASCAR, because God said it is time, once again I was working a very good job and had no desire to come back to Mooresville, God gave me that desire. Now that I am living in my pickup with my wife again because everyone says I'm a fool and I aint racing NASCAR, we are standing in faith, Because that's what God said to do, We had no desire to live in our pickup, God gave us the faith to follow Him and obey His voice no matter what the cost is. So hear we are once again looking like a fool in the eyes of the world with the naysayers laughing at us for living in our pickup, and all they are doing is laughing at God, I didn't tell me to do this, God did. So we are ready willing and waiting on this vision to come to pass. Amen. No matter what the cost. When God says it, all you can do is obey and look stupid until it comes to pass. Nobody thought I was stupid when I was sitting in that car at Daytona when the announcer said, Drivers start your engines.

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