Thursday, May 26, 2016

When You Have Been Touched By Jesus

When you have been touched by Jesus, your whole life is changed and you can never go back. When you have been anointed with the Power of God, you become a junkie; worse than any drug, worse than any rush, worse than any high. There is no explanation for the after effects of being touched by Jesus.

When the Lord speaks to you like your own father does, when He tells you to do things that you would never dream of doing, when He sends you places most people wouldn't go, when He gives you Power most people will never feel, your life becomes that of a child who feels like He is different from the others, like you have precedence above all the other children. But then He tells you to live like a peasant, like a homeless bum on the streets. He tells you to do things the rest of the family would say hell no, I ain't doin that.

When Jesus touches you, you can no longer look at the world the way others do. You can no longer joke about the things others do. You can no longer sit down to a feast and just eat like a normal person does. After you have been hungry and thirsty, homeless and sick, thrown out, run off, pushed away, because you are only doing what Jesus told you to do, you no longer are mad like other people are. You no longer act the way you see someone else act. Your heart does not condemn. Your heart does not hold a grudge. All you want is for them to feel what lives inside of you. All you pray for is for Jesus to show them what it feels like to be literally touched by Him.

Once you find out that you were set aside for a purpose, when you know that your life does not belong to you, when you finally figure out why you have felt protected since you were a child, when you know why all those bad things missed you and happened to someone else, when your life finally has a meaning, when you can't explain why it happened to you, but just that one day your life meant nothing and the next day you are touching people and they are being set free, and healed, and raised from the dead, that is when you become aware that God made you for His purpose, for His glory, for His will to be done.

I knew, ever since I was 5 years old, that I was a special child. I have always known that something very big was going to happen through me, but I could never explain it. I could never have told you when or what was going to happen. I only knew that I was not normal. I knew that I was different than all the other kids and when I got older, I knew that other men did not have the same favor I had.

After God has used you for His glory, after He has used you to change people's lives for the good, you can no longer just have a normal life and go about trying to build your own life and forget about everyone else. My heart's desire is for everyone to feel the hand of God on them, to feel the anointing, the power of God flowing through them, to know what it means to stand before the devil and watch Him melt, obey you like a child. All you have to do is speak the name of Jesus and everything obeys you. There is nothing like it. When you know that you were chosen to do things most people will never be able to experience, you become humbled. You would think you would become arrogant, but the opposite happens. Bold but humble, that is when you just know that you have a purpose and your life will no longer be the same.
But after you have had this amazing experience, then God sits you down and takes it all away from you. In a way it seems like He has abandoned you, thrown you out to the dogs, left you for the wolves to eat, for people to laugh at to make fun of, because they say well nothing he said has happened, it must have all been a joke. After you sit still until you feel like your legs have been eaten off, after you begin to think God decided to use someone else, that you weren't the right one for the job, that is when you hear His voice. He calls you by name again, then He sends you out once more to put you back in the public eye for humiliation, and He makes you make a stand of faith that is beyond your ability, so you can only say it was God and not you. He never allows you to think you are some powerful strong man who God used because you were strong. He makes sure you will cry out to Him to save you many times through every stand of faith.

Everything was made for God's Glory. He will never give you more than He can handle, but He always gives you more than you can handle without Him, because when you cry out for His help, He will move heaven and earth to come and show you His glory. God wants you to experience His Power. He wants you to see and know His glory. I am one to testify that if you will just lay down your life, give it all to Jesus, trust Him with your life, don't hold anything back, that is when He will rock your world. You will never be the same. People are scared to put all their eggs in one basket. Let me assure you, there is no need for any other basket than Jesus.

God is getting ready to rock a world full of sickness and death. He is about to pour out His glory and power on a world where the only ones who are going to experience it, are the ones who are not scared to put all their trust and faith in Him. Please, I beg you to listen to what I am saying. You can trust God with giving up everything you ever worked for, all that you ever loved or cared for, to see His glory come to pass. Nothing is worth missing what He is about to do in this world. All your hopes and cares can rest on Him. He will not let you down for one second. Words cannot explain my heart's cry. Please listen to what I am saying. All things are possible if you will only believe.

All I ever did was believe and obey.

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