Thursday, May 5, 2016

You Think Things Are Getting Bad???

If you think things are getting bad, Lets Go back to when George W. Bush took office, you could see things starting to happen that looked pretty dumb. When George bush left office 8 years later we were in turmoil as a nation. Our nation was on the brink of destruction and we thought it could get no worse. Then we got Barack Obama, change, that's what we wanted was change, now 8 years latter we really want change because it is twice as bad now as it was when George W. Bush left office, and Obama aint even finished yet. Ok now we are facing Hillary Clinton, who should be in prison, and a Billionaire Casino owning outspoken dictator who says He does not even ask God for forgiveness.

What we don't understand is, beginning with George W Bush being a liar and using God to get in office to Obama a liar, ok, we need to stop right there and understand, all politicians and billionaire business men are liars, that's how they got where they are.

We need to take note, it aint gonna get better, every time we look to a politician to save us from destruction. IT AINT HAPPENING!!!! It's fixing to get way worse than it is now. You aint seen nothin yet!!!  Jesus Christ is the only answer to saving America. It Is Time to wake up to Jesus Christ, give him all of our lives and turn away from the things of this world. You don't need it, the lust of the eyes and the things of this world, you don't need it. Stop the lustful frenzy and give it all to Jesus and doing His will.

We have the lost to gather in that don't understand the truth. I have been called to deliver this truth, so the Holy Spirit can work through me to save the lost and fill them with the Holy Spirit to do His will. We have got to have the body of Christ to come together to get the will of God done. God has given us the plan and vision of what to do. God wants to reveal His glory and pour out His Spirit through us to reach the lost, so He can come back and His house will be full. We will be the largest traveling body of Christ Ministry in the world saving the Lost healing the sick and setting the captives free, it is ordained by God, but He is going to do it through you, the body of Christ.

It Is Time to get this done, but it has to come to pass through His body coming together and laying their lives down for His will to be done. Lets do this.


  1. If this is what I think it is, it certainly could be a great revival. A great bringing in the sheaves. I am not able to leave my home as I am taking care of my very ill husband. But if God can use me he will make a way. Although I am 70 years old I might still be of some use. I have a sister who wants to hit the streets. We have talked about this for a couple years now. God bless you and any of you that can become involved in this service of spreading of the gospel.

    1. Dianne, we have many ways the body can come together to bring God's will to pass, we have got to have the finances to go. We have got to have prayer warriors fighting for us, and we got to have people who lay there lives down and come join us. All of our info is on this blog, if you need any help just message me and let me know how you can help, It Is Time praise God.