Wednesday, June 15, 2016

God Did Not Call You To Watch

God did not save Daniel from the lion's den, He saved Him from the lion's mouth. He did not stop him from the fear of the lions, He stopped his fear by showing Daniel that He was with Him, and had the power to shut the lion's mouth.
God did not save Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the fiery furnace, He saved them from the fire. He did not save them from the fiery trial, He saved them from the torment of the flame's fury.
 God did not save Isaac from being slain by His Father Abraham, He did not save Abraham from having to slay His son. He saved Isaac from death, He saved Abraham from murder. Abraham had to walk it out just like God was seriously gonna make Him murder his son. God showed Him that faith and obedience is what pleased God and brought mercy.
God did not save the Israelites from slavery to Egypt, He saved them from death to show them His great power. God did not save Moses from Pharaoh's terrible anger, He saved Moses from destruction by showing him His great power. The Israelites had to go through the bondage and slavery, Moses had to keep going and going and going to Pharaoh for mercy to let the Israelites go. But God showed them His power by the plagues of Egypt, and the destruction of the greatest army in the world.
Jesus did not help Peter walk on the water, Jesus saved Peter from his lack of faith. He saved Him from drowning because of his fear. God did not save Paul from the beatings and prison, God saved him from the pain and suffering that would have come from the beatings and opened a door for him to be used due to the prison.
God does not want to save you from doing anything fearful, He wants you to be put in fearful events that make you hope and trust in Him. God does not want you to live in your comfortable little life and not be tried and tested in your faith. God wants you to step out in dangerous places so He can show you His power and strength, His grace and mercy, His love and compassion. God wants to reveal His Glory to the whole world, He wants to show everybody that He has loved you.
God wants to save you out of the fire, out of the lion's mouth, out of the situation that everybody says is impossible. God wants you to go do what everyone says is too big, and they say you can't do that. God has no use for a lazy servant. God calls laziness, wickedness. He ain't talking about working for the world lazy, He is talking about faith lazy. God says your faith is worth more than pure gold purified 7 times.
Jesus says buy from me gold refined in the fire, He is talking about faith, being tested and found to have faith. Believing Jesus is the most important thing we can do. Jesus is the word, He wants us to believe what He says is true, by action, not just talk. He wants your faith tested, not just spoken.
He didn't save Jesus from dying, He saved Jesus from death, that could not hold Him. He did not save Jesus from hell, He gave Jesus the keys to hell. He did not save Jesus from the earth, He gave Him the greatest throne in all creation, after walking it out on earth. The tests that Jesus went through resulted in the greatest testimony ever written.

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