Sunday, June 5, 2016

It Is Time To Grab It All

The greatest harvest ever in the history of the world is being prepared as we speak, as we patiently wait the Holy Spirit is preparing to engulf those who are desiring His overwhelming presence.
3 years ago God gave me a dream. In this dream was a foundation being prepared, digging down into solid rock, the walls had to be perfectly straight, chiseling the rock was a tedious job. This foundation had exact measurements, exact dimensions, string lines were used for preciseness.
There was horses pulling the wagons filled with rock that was being removed from the digging of these foundations. These horses would pull the wagons out, they were emptied and pulled back in to be refilled.
This foundation was inside a building so it was obviously a Spiritual foundation, not a literal one. As the foundation got close to being finished, you could feel the presence of God getting strong. The words God spoke to me in this dream was, it takes great preparation for Me to show up. It is not a light thing to call on Me to arrive. He said if you call on Me to show up and your hearts are sincere, it is a great job, to prepare the surroundings for My presence to be received.
He told me I don't just arrive in an unprepared place. As the foundations got closer to the arrival of our Creator, the horses began to hold their heads up straight and began to prance like show horses, they could feel the presence of their creator getting near, it was like a show, watching these horses come to life while pulling these wagons with all their might.
The Lord said this great preparation is underway, and will be fulfilled on the day My arrival is due. The presence of God is getting close, the foundations for His arrival are just about complete. The Holy Spirit is coming to make His presence known in a way the world has never witnessed.
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to be so strong, the lukewarm are going to run for their life the opposite way, the cold are going to run to the presence with all their hearts falling on their knees to receive, the hot are going to be the ones whom the Holy Spirit will be used by to make His presence known. The great preparation was the body of Christ being prepared to usher His presence in. This great outpouring is going to come through all those who have not held back and have allowed the pruning and honing of their lives. This great preparation is about to be final. These foundations God showed me in the dream was the lives of the saints being prepared to usher in the Holy Spirit.

When a race horse gives everything he's got to make it to the home stretch, when he comes out of turn 4 headed to the finish line, the horse that wins is the horse that can give all he's got, after he has already given all he's got to get to the last stretch. When a runner is running a race, it takes all he's got to stay in contention till the last stretch. When he comes out of turn 4, that is when he has to reach down and grab a little bit more when he has nothing left to give, because the winner is the one who can find way down deep, just a little bit more than the one beside him.

It is time to grab all you got, because God is getting ready to use those who are giving it all, and who are not holding nothing back, the ones who are not holding anything back, you know who I'm talking to.

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