Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jesus Said With His Own Mouth

Jesus spoke to us as the Word of God, Jesus is the Word, so when you say you believe in Jesus that means you believe in His Word. If you believe in something that means you must do it, or you lie and you do not believe. If you believe in Jesus, His words say, you must follow me, the Word, the ones who keep my words He says, those are really my disciples.
If you believe in Jesus, you cannot continue to live in sin, because sin is darkness and Jesus is light, Jesus says you cannot walk in darkness and light, and whoever walks in the light exposes the darkness. So when someone tells you that you are judging them when you explain their sin to them, you are not judging you are loving, because Jesus is love, and he is also eternal life, and you cannot live in darkness, sin, and inherit eternal life, so if you are explaining to someone how to have eternal life that is love, not judgement.
If you want eternal life in heaven with Jesus, you must repent, that means to turn from darkness and walk in the light.
Jesus gave us two commands that sums up all the commands, Love the Lord your God, that is Jesus, the Lord, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. If you follow those two commands, that means you will have given your whole life to Jesus devoted to doing His will. He says these two commands sum up all the law and the prophets.
If you follow these commands then the ten commandments will be followed, because you cannot love God and your neighbor and not do the ten commandments. Jesus took things to a greater level than the ten commandments did, because he said instead of do not commit adultery, he said don't even look on a woman and lust after her.
He took do not murder and said if you hate your brother you have committed murder.  Jesus took do not steal and said if someone asks you for you coat give him your shirt also. Jesus don't want the Sabbath devoted to Him, He wants your whole life devoted to Him, everything you got devoted to doing His will. He wants you out working for Him on the Sabbath.
Jesus does not want a tenth of what you make, He wants all you got devoted to him, all of your money and belongings used to love him and your neighbor. Jesus said you must eat his flesh and drink his blood to have eternal life, His Word is His flesh and blood. That means you must read it, then it must become a part of you, by putting it into practice and obeying it.
Jesus don't want your spare time and your spare change, He wants all you got, doing His will. He said unless you give up all you have you cannot be my disciple, you must pick up your cross daily and follow me.

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