Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Open Your Present, It's Free

Faith without works is dead. You're saved by faith but faith requires works. The work God requires is to Believe.Believe is a verb. It is work to believe in Jesus, we must be His disciple. A disciple is one who gives up everything to follow Jesus. Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to give us the right to become a child of God. You cannot buy that right, you can only get it by a gift from God, but once we take that free gift, (the right), we must open the package and use it. If you never open the gift, you have not accepted it.

When you accept that free gift, most people just set it on the shelf and say yea, I'm saved, now I'm going to heaven. I don't have to do nothing now but live my life. That would be a great mistake because you must open the package. You are saved by faith and it requires you to do the will of God; to reach the lost, to spread the gospel, to offend people, to pray for the sick, to read God's word and do it.

If I give you a present all wrapped up in a pretty package, and inside is a million dollars, and you say awe this is a pretty package. I will put it up on the mantle and cherish it. That million dollars is a waste of time unless you open it and use it. Jesus said you must be my disciple, you must follow me, you must lose your life for me, to have eternal life. This free crap that America is preaching is a lie. The present is free, but if you don't open it and put it to work, your free gift is worthless. Wake up church, you're heading straight towards hell. Luke-warm will get you vomited into the streets.

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