Friday, June 24, 2016

The Beauty Of God's Creation Is Endless

The beauty of God's creation is endless, everything you see in this world points to Jesus Christ, who was the one who spoke the Words, let there be, from His own mouth. Whether it is a prostitute or a drunkard crying out for help, or a volcano erupting, or a hurricane cleansing the land, or a humming bird hovering over a flower extracting it's nectar with it's wings flapping
so fast you can't see them, or just the simple beauty of thousands of different kinds of flowers and bugs. It all points to the Saviors power and uniqueness.

This is how He clothes the flowers of the field who does not sew or spin, and how much more will He clothe you, Oh you of little faith. Even Solomon in all His splendor was not clothed like one of these. He wants you dependent on Him, and to trust Him, for the very clothes on your back, the very food that fills your stomach, He even wants you to trust Him, for the very life that lives within you. What He is saying here, is, when He, God who came as a human on this earth, after He had excepted His call, From being baptized by John, to turning the water into wine, until He rose and ascended into heaven, He did not lift one finger to work for a living, He trusted God to meet all of His needs, and it all came through God's chosen children, who met the needs of Jesus. He worked, doing the works God requires to believe, to do the will of God. Jesus was the son of God, He had to believe in who God made Him to be. Just like you have to believe who God made you to be.

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