Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Greatest Miracle Requires The Greatest Faith

Every story in the Bible is about God taking someone with a comfortable life and telling them to do something wild and crazy, something that makes all those around them to think their crazy, or gone off the deep end. Or He takes someone who's life is at it's end and turns them around to do a great miracle that opens the eyes of all who witness it.

Either way, God calls someone out of a situation, and brings them to a place that brings great glory to Him. All God wants us to know is their is nothing He cant do if you will only believe Him. He wants you to see His glory, He wants you to know how great and mighty He is, and He is hear for you to call on when you need a miracle, but He also wants the rest of your life spent on Him also. Now why is that strange for the one who created you to want your time spent on Him.

All God wants is to have a personal relationship with each one of us, so He can share His glory with us, teach us His righteous ways, bring us to heaven to spend eternity with Him. He wants us to run to Him when we are in need. Faith is hard, it takes time and sometimes a little pain to see it work. It takes us getting out of our comfort zone to see something come to pass.

It's so much easier to run to the medicine cabinet, or the doctor, or the emergency room. It's so much easier to run to the bank or the credit card get a loan and get done what we want done. But it is so much more powerful and rewarding when God shows you how to trust Him by faith and see a miracle you had nothing to do with, except you just believed His word, come to pass.

In this world we want everything now, we don't want to wait on nothing. God's Word is very plain, wait upon the Lord and He will restore your strength, strong firm and steadfast He says. Wait upon the Lord and you will soar on wings like eagles, you will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint. Faith builds perseverance, something that is very important to God. Perseverance is essential to building faith.

Faith to God is more valuable than pure Gold refined in the fire 7 times. Jesus says buy from me Gold, faith will cost you. It will cost you your life to trust God and follow Him, trust Him and see His miracles come to pass. To All those around you, faith is stupid and why would someone waist their life waiting on something they could just go get and be done with it.

During The time God is building your faith, the waiting process, God is building character in you, He is building trust in you, He is building His values in you, that is why He says wait upon Him, because He wants you to be ready for what he has for you, when He finally gives it to you so you don't fail.

God's plan for you is way bigger than anything you could ever dream of, His plan for you is what He created you to do, He created you for a purpose and only He knows what it is. The waiting is very important, for you and Him. But when it is time, many are tired of waiting and give up before it arrives. God knows you better than you know you, He made you to reveal His glory through His plan, His way.

Know matter what He tells you to do, it is His to do with what He wants, because He made you and it's His glory who is going to be revealed the way He wants it revealed. Those who wait upon Him will compete with Horses and win. Nothing will defeat you, His strength will live in you. You will be way greater than you would have ever been doing it your way. He has a perfect day set aside for everything to happen, if you do before His timing, you have failed, Him.

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