Wednesday, June 1, 2016

They Said It Aint Possible, You can't Do It

Jesus Saved My Life From Hell.
I had no life left in me, I was looking for a way out, I just wanted to die. I had drank my self numb, I had sex with so many different women so many different times that I had lost all respect for women, to me they were just a piece of meat, trash.

When I cried out to Jesus as a last resort, He came to meet me, He waited 24 hours before He showed up. He had to put me in the right place at the right time, before He showed up, I had to be on my last hope ready to quit and in the place He could bring His miracle to pass. I will never quit again.

I gave my whole life to Jesus that night to do His will. Without Him, I would not have a life. My life is not my own any longer, it belongs to God lock, stock and barrel. No matter what He uses my life for, it is His to do with as He pleases. If He chooses to make a laughing stock out of me, I'm good with that, whatever brings Him Glory, that is my purpose. I belong to Him, I will never leave Him again.

God gave me a vision, that the church and the world has told me is not possible, if it is not possible, than my God is not God. He said it would happen, not me, I didn't call me He did. I believe He has told me Pentecost 2016, will be the day he opens the doors for my vision to come to pass, but if it don't come to pass that day, I will still follow Him, and seek Him, until it does, just like He said. If it never comes to pass, I will die His fool believing it will. My life is not mine to run, it belongs to Him for His glory.

No matter who leaves me or who disowns me, I will continue to follow the voice of Truth. The same voice that has led and directed my steps for the last 11 and a half years. I have no other purpose left on this earth than to do the will of God.

I have tasted the Lord's goodness, I know that He is good, I know that He is real. I have seen His Glory, without Him I am nothing and have no meaning or purpose, with Him I am everything He wants me to be. There is absolutely nothing on this earth more powerful than walking in The Lord's fullness and anointing. I have done it and I am addicted to Him. I don't need to act like someone I'm not, I am His fool.

I have met Jesus, I have walked with Jesus, I have talked with Jesus, He has shown me His Glory and power. I know the Truth and the Word Personally, He is real. I am a nobody without Him, and I am a mighty warrior with Him. My life means nothing unless it is doing His will. I have need of nothing except God.

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