Thursday, July 14, 2016

Know That I Am The Lord Thy God

I do believe that the Lord told me the only thing keeping America out of a full fledged, civil war, is the prayer warriors on their knees before God crying out day and night, pleading for His mercy for our nation.
I don't know what the outcome is going to be, But I do know, if we will just love these people who are trying to take over our nation, pray and seek God, repent and follow Jesus with all our heart, the out come will not be as bad as it looks.
The issue we are dealing with, is the number of those praying and repenting, is a very small number compared to those following Balaam. Yes, the army of Gideon, was only 300 that saved Israel from destruction. I believe God is seeing a people who are serious about serving Him, and loving their neighbors as themselves.
I believe the children of God are rising up and being strengthened by God, because they are rising up. We as a people of God have got to meet these people in the streets, as they come to riot, and shoot, and try to destroy our land. We have got to deliver the love of God, the truth of God's Word, the good news of eternal life to these people as they come with hatred, jealousy, murder and strife against our land.
All we can do is stand in faith, and trust God to do what His word says, if my people will humble themselves and pray, and repent, I will heal there land. I believe God is about to show the entire world, through his outnumbered people, I'm not talking about the lazy bums sitting in a pew doing nothing for the kingdom of God, I am talking about those who have given their lives, behind the scenes to do the will of God, He is about to show that He is the Lord thy God. The creator, the maker of heaven and earth and everything in them.
Please don't lose heart, please don't shrink back, please don't grow weary of doing good, God is with you, it don't matter if no one sees what you are doing, God sees everything, your reward is in heaven, It is time to be bold, time to be strong in your faith, time to be the mighty warrior God created you to be. The Glory of God is about to be revealed to all who do not believe Jesus is the Lord thy God.

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