Friday, July 8, 2016


I need you to listen up. I have some very important info that you need to listen closely to. You are saved by Faith in Jesus Christ, ok, now listen, Jesus said be careful that no one deceives you, listen, He said in the last days many will come in the name of Jesus and deceive many, now listen closely, He said in the last days the love of MOST will grow cold, pay attention now, Jesus said many, will fall from the faith. Now is when you need to pay close attention.

Terrible times are coming to America. That preacher you been following that told you Jesus was coming back to get you before anything bad happens, he is that one Jesus warned you about not to be deceived by him. Now listen closely, when all hell breaks loose in America, and you are standing in fear because you are not rooted and grounded in the Word, and you are not doing the will of God, you are not full of oil like Jesus told you to be, that is what Jesus was talking about when He said do not be deceived.

Jesus is not coming back to get His bride until the anti Christ is in power standing in the Temple proclaiming to be God, and the mark of the beast is in place. All of us will have to make the decision to starve or take the mark. I know this is against all that man you have been listening to has told you. Take my Word, he is wrong and I am right, it is the word of God. When all hell breaks loose in this country, that is when many will fall, because they are not ready because they were deceived by that false teacher telling lies in Jesus name.

Now listen up very close, you must be doing the will of God, reading and obeying the Word, not living in sin, reaching the lost, then you will be the wise one full of oil. Jesus said with His own mouth, this would even deceive the elect, if it were possible. This lie of once saved always saved, this lie of pre-trib rapture, this lie of everything is free, you have to do nothing, Jesus paid it all, is a lie from the pit of Hell.  You must have works, you are saved by faith, faith without works is dead, dead means no oil in your lamp. You were created to do good works. Your works are the evidence you are saved. Saved by faith if, you persevere until the end. The end is going to be the hardest thing you ever lived through.

Listen closely, you need to wake up, and start doing the will of God, the will of God is that no man perish but every man come to repentance. We must be reaching the lost now, not sitting in a building waiting for Jesus to come get our lazy butts. Now is the time to come to life church, now, now, now!!!! Wake up church. Jesus said servant, go out to the streets and alleys and make them come in that my house will be full. Many were invited and not one of them lazy servants will get a taste of His banquet!!! Hear the Word Of The Lord.

Jesus died and shed His blood on the cross so you could have the right to become a child of God, through faith and perseverance until the end. You must give your whole life to Jesus, to follow His Word and do his Will. Jesus is the Word. You cannot buy that right or earn it in any way, it is free, the right to become a child of god is free, You must give your life to receive that right. Are ya listenin church. Satan is standing in the streets laughing at America, asking where is your teddy bear god.


  1. I notice that the "non-pre-trib" folks are angry and hostile when they present their "opinion" on the timing of the Rapture. It is not a "Blessed Hope" to us if we have to endure the tribulation, also called "the Time of Jacob's Trouble," not the time of "The Church's Trouble." Most of us are open to reading different viewpoints on this, as truthfully, no one actually knows the timing. However, your militant stance of how stupid and mislead your pre-trib brothes and sisters are is very offputting. We're all on the same team and part of the same family, so why not be more loving and less accusatory?

    1. I am glad you asked this question, because it is a very important question in this day and time. You are very correct, no one knows the hour except the father. But we do know the Word of God, and the Word of God is plain in what it says about the first resurrection, and when we will be caught up to be with the Lord. I am not against my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I have not called any of them stupid, However I do believe anyone who is not a preacher of the Gospel, and believes in pre trib are mislead, and in very serious trouble. However, the ones I am preaching against, are the deceivers, who are preaching pre trib, because the only reason anyone would preach pre trib, would be for self gain, because the word of God is plain, we will be here on this earth until, the anti Christ and the mark of the beast is in place. That my friend, will be after at least three and a half years into the tribulation. Anybody who is preaching pre trib, is deceiving my brothers and sisters, the time is coming when they will not be ready to face what is coming on this earth because they will be weak, when all hell breaks lose and surrounds them, they are expecting to be outa here before anything bad happens, because that is what the deceivers are preaching, LIES> Pre Trib is a Lie and is going to deceive many, many will fall from the faith because of this disastrous teaching. Therefore I am warning my brothers and sisters to get ready, give your whole lives to doing the will of God, read and obey the commands of God. If we are not full of oil, we will fall from the faith in these last days. I am for the church, that is why I am warning them of these deceiving preachers, who are preaching these lies. I love my brothers and sisters, I have nothing to gain by lying to them, I have everything to gain by them being rooted and ground in the word, being prepared in season and out, full of oil, filled with the Holy Spirit, found doing the will of God when Jesus comes to get them. That you with all my heart for asking this question. Pre trib is making the church fat and lazy and luke warm, they are going to be devastated.