Friday, July 8, 2016

Prophesy To These Dead Dry Bones

This life is about doing the Will of God. America has lost the focus, the focus is not on your kingdom and what God can do for you. The focus is reaching the lost, healing the broken hearted, feeding the hungry housing the homeless, taking care of orphans and widows, helping the poor, preaching the truth outside the walls of a building. Jesus never sat in a building waiting for God to take Him back home. Neither did Paul, or Peter or anyone else in the Bible. Ananias and Saphira, were killed by God, for doing more than America does every day. God killed them because they lied to Him, and said they gave it all, America says they have given it all every week, while they sit in their pew and do nothing. It is time to head the warning and wake up.

I think America is listening, but they are not doing, it is the American way, nothing bad is going to happen to America, God loves us too much, Reality is on the way, if you don't head the warning, it is going to be too late. We in America have this workless gospel, we don't listen to the word, works are the evidence you are saved, your not saved by works you are saved by faith, but faith without works is dead, if you have no works, you have no salvation. You work because you have the love of Jesus in you. If you don't work he don't live in you. It aint about you, it is about your neighbor and doing the will of God. But America has this selfish gospel, its all about me, me, me. That is not the gospel of Jesus. That is the gospel of the devil. If you love the world or anything in this world the love of God cannot be in you. That is the words of Jesus.

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