Monday, August 8, 2016

Nascar Hauler Parade Iowa Speedway By Loyd Teakell

The Shade Tree

This is now August the 8th, 2016. On April 4th 2016, God called us out of the church and told us to meet Him in the streets and He would show us how to gather in our harvest from the seeds we had sewn. When we first left the church, God had a few people send us some money, which was very encouraging. Out of the blue, just after God tells us to step out in faith again, He instantly encouraged us.

Then He let us kinda roam around a little and look for a way to seek Him and listen for His voice. When you live on the streets, it is not always comfortable for all who know it, nor is it comfortable for you in how you exist and seek God. After a couple of weeks of being on the streets, we were at Walmart in the parking lot sleeping in our old Ford pickup when we decided to take a walk around the Gander Mountain parking lot.

As we walked around the parking lot, God pointed out a big shade tree that kinda leaned over the edge of the parking lot by the interstate. He told me that He wanted us to park our pickup under that tree and seek Him and wait on Him. Well, immediately we moved our pickup to the spot God pointed out for us.

I don't know if you have ever slept in the front seat of a 1970 3/4 ton Ford pickup before, but there is not a lot of room for one person, let alone two people. But with a little work and some suit cases you can build a pretty comfy bed, a little tight but comfy enough.  Money was getting a little tight by now and none was coming in, so we were rationing food at this time.

The Lord showed me the surrounding motels and told me He has ordained them to feed us breakfast every morning. He said just walk in sit down and fix your plate and eat like you own the place. We did. It was a little weird at first, especially for Renee'. Nobody ever said a word, except welcome and did you get all you wanted. That was one meal a day, and Walmart sells day old bread for 50 cents, we would pick up the change from the drive in windows of the fast food places every morning and use the change to buy bread and a dollar bag of weenies if we had enough.

The Lord sent us four people we led to  Him. They gave their lives to Him while we were waiting on Him. Taking a shower and washing clothes was becoming an issue. After 30 days without, God showed us a little creek that runs behind Gander Mountain, very secluded and very clear clean water. So we began taking a handful of clothes down their each day. We would wash clothes and take a bath in the creek. We made a make shift clothes line and would let our clothes hang all day. This made things a lot nicer, not stinking and having clean clothes.

One night as we were hanging out on the tailgate a man with a Bluetooth in his ear walked up and said I like your pickup. That was another thing God had led us to buy when we were back home in Odessa. We bought it up in Ruidoso NM, off the Internet. But the man struck up a conversation with us  about Nascar. He told us he drove a Nascar hauler for a go or go home team. He told us he had diabetes and had to walk for exercise that's why he was there walking. Then he just said gotta go and left.

We had been there over 30 days and had not seen that man before, but for the next four nights we saw him every night. The first night I just listened, the second night the Lord led me to tell him about me racing Daytona and show him the pics, so I did. He thought it was cool and went on. The next night he asked me if I still had a CDL. I told him yes and still have a current medical card also. He gave me one of his business cards and I gave him one of ours. The only problem we had was we had no money to pay our phone bill, so we could not dial out but we could receive calls.

On the fourth night it was very late when he came and we were already in the bed, but I talked to him through the window. He said he has a lot of financially struggling teams who call him to drive their hauler for a weekend. He said he was fulltime with this cup team now so he said I will give them your number, if that's ok with you. I said sure, and he did. I didn't get the first four opportunities but the fifth one I did and made a few dollars, enough to get the phone paid and clothes washed, and a 20 dollar a month gym membership in the Walmart parking lot, where we could take a shower, and work out a little.

Things were beginning to look up and we were very excited. The team we were driving for decided to go a different rout for a driver and that very weekend we got a call from Derrike Cope to drive his Exfinity series hauler to Indy. Each time I told them my wife had to come and he did not have a problem with that. So we went to Indy where I drove the hauler, helped work on the car and helped spot on the back stretch. This little shade tree had come to life.

For the next three weeks we drove the hauler and spotted and worked on the car and Renee' helped at the track also. We went to Indy, Iowa, and Watkins Glen NY. The next is Mid Ohio road coarse and we are prepared and ready to drive that one also.

During this time Derrike asked me what was my plans. I told him I came here to race. He said you need to get your resume in to Nascar immediately. So we called them and got one sent to us to fill out. But we did not feel it was God's timing for us to send it yet, so we waited. Just before Watkins Glen We felt like the Lord said send it now, so we did. The answer back was, we cannot let you drive Exfinity at this time, we will put your resume before the evaluation board and decide where you can start. During this time of working for Derrike Cope, the money we made was just enough to get my supplies I needed from Simpson racing products, like a racing suit, helmet, gloves, shoes, earphones and microphone for my helmet. All the ones I had from Daytona we had retired and gave to my kids and Mom.

Eleven and a half years ago, God told me I was going to race Nascar, win races and a championship and speak His words and He was going to pour out His Spirit and people were going to give their lives to Him. Now all of this takes me back to the story of Moses and Pharaoh in the Bible. When God ordains something and calls a man to do a job, that job does not go undone and God always gets the glory. I don't know how God intends for all this to come to pass, just like Moses had no clue what he was going to have to go through.

Obviously I am not Moses and Nascar ain't Pharaoh, but the reason God sent both of us is because His people were crying out to Him to be saved by Him. We both answered the call and went through a vigorous test and trial to get where He wanted us. The out come to Moses situation was devastating to Egypt, Pharaoh and all the people, but the Israelites were the victors in the whole situation, and they saw mighty miracles from God. In this situation, I hope Nascar doesn't get in God's way of Him answering the cry of His people. I just want to see God's lost children come to salvation through the blood of Jesus.

All I can say is I have been obedient, and I have given Nascar my request to rescue God's people from the hands of the devil. They are bound up with sin in the worst way. Moses didn't tell Pharaoh his plan, all He said is we need to worship our God in the desert. All I have told Nascar is I need to be approved to race because that is the first step. Just like Moses' first step was get the approval to take the Israelites on a vacation for three days.

I believe that it will be a very interesting thing to watch Nascar closely and see what God does in the near future to open the doors to rescue His people from the devil. God is the same God yesterday, today and forever, when His people cry out to Him, He will move heaven and earth to rescue them at whatever cost. It might get interesting before it gets accomplished.