Monday, September 19, 2016

This Message Is For You

Noah was a man who had devoted his life to obeying God. He was 500 years old when God saw the earth had become wicked. God showed Noah His grace because Noah had a heart after God.
God gave him the directions and dimensions of the ark and what to do with it and why he was to make it. Specific details He told him. Noah began to build exactly what God told him.
Each day he built this ark, this boat, huge in size, in a place where it had never rained, with no body of water anywhere near where he was building it. So picture this man called by God to be the heir to the world, the righteousness of God. For a hundred years, he spent day after day building this monstrosity of an object out in the sheep pasture.
I am surmising this picture as people walk by, surely they stopped and asked old Noah, watcha building there old timer? Noah says a boat. Why are you building a boat? Because God is sick of all the sin you people are committing and He is going to flood the earth and kill all of you. Surely they laughed and made fun of and mocked him for a hundred years as he built this useless vessel out in the pasture.
 Can you imagine telling someone for a hundred years that God spoke to you and told you to build it and that He was gonna flood the earth and kill every living thing on the earth? Can you imagine the mockery, the ridicule, the making fun of and calling of names that must have gone on? The jokes that were told in the cities around, the talk at the pub, the gossip at the hair salon. The fool that God made him look like before all the world as they watched and laughed.
The outcome of this was that it began to rain for the first time in history. The people standing around saying what is this, and it wouldn't stop, it just kept coming and coming and pouring in sheets of torrential rain. One asked was this what Noah was talking about?
God closed up the door in the ark, I believe, because Noah wouldn't have had the heart to see and hear the cry for help as they all began to drown and cry out for help. The children who were drowning, the animals, cats, dogs, sheep, old people. Noah would have had mercy on them. God destroyed them because their sin had reached its peak and God could no longer tolerate it.
God always sends His messengers to warn the people and gives them plenty of time to heed the warning and repent. All throughout the Bible, God sent messenger after messenger to warn the people of His wrath, but most of the time they laughed at and ridiculed the messenger to the point of prison or death.
Jesus was one of those messengers. God Himself came to earth to sound the trumpet of a new covenant, a new start, a chance to be released of all the debt they owed. A way to be saved from sin and a way to know and follow the truth. They tried to stone Him, and ended up killing Him in the most horrific death ever known to man.
Jesus gave it all so you could come and be saved and given true life eternal through His death. Every time you sin, every time you turn your head away from God to sin, you are trampling on Jesus. You are calling what He did on the cross foolishness. All Jesus wants is for you to love Him by obeying His commands and reaching the lost, to tell them the good news of eternal life through repentance and forgiveness of sins.
Jesus gave us His all so you could give Him your all, to do His will. This life is not about you. It is about doing God's will, giving your whole life for His service. God has sent His messengers once again. The warning is being given. He is giving everyone plenty of time to get it right, but just like the parable says, everyone is too busy. They are not interested in the things of God, because they are engulfed in the things of this world. The end of the parable says not one of them will see my banquet. That would be the wedding banquet, the one where the bride of Christ is served and fed a feast by the groom in heaven, Jesus Himself. The parables are the keys to the kingdom of God. Most people think they are story time with Jesus and His disciples.
It is Time To wake up, It is Time to put down the things of this world, and grab a hold of the things of God. If you love the world, or anything in the world, the love of God cannot be in you. That my friend is the word of God. Please heed the warnings, that the Lord's disciples are shouting from the roof tops.
This time it is not going to be a flood. He gave us the rainbow, so we would know the earth would not be flooded again. This time it will be destroyed by fire. Have you ever seen a nuclear bomb, or an atomic bomb? That my friends is fire in the worst way. The end is near. The Lord is calling His bride, His servants to go out into the streets and alleys and make them come in, so His house will be full.


  1. Hmm... So do you hate racing? Or do you love it? Is it not a thing of this world? I guess we should go back to walking from city to city instead of driving, yes?

    1. No I do not love Racing, I love Jesus, He called me to race for His purpose, to be honest, I would prefer to never race again, but I have been called to race, so race I will do. I also do not love my automobile, I love Jesus, and my automobile gets me where God sends me to do His will, but I have walked, from Florida to North Carolina, and if God told me to walk, walk I would do. My life is about doing the will of God, no matter what that will consists of.