Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Best Opportunity Money Can Buy

I want to share with you the reason why our sponsorship goes above and beyond all the others.

If you want to take your business to a place only your dreams have been, our marketing is your ticket to see your dreams come to pass.

I am just an ordinary hard working redneck from the oilfields of West Texas. I am 51 years old, I am in very good physical condition, and I can drive a race car better than the best.

I did not decide one day that I wanted to race Nascar, the Lord saved me by His awesome Grace and Mercy, then He gave me a vision of racing Nascar, winning races and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the fans of Nascar. Their are approximately 75 million Nascar fans.
I am not like the rest of the winning Nascar drivers, after they race, or practice, or win, they go and hide from the fans in their luxury, and peaceful lives hidden from the world. The Lord has called me to remain humble and open, to remain who I am no matter how much fame and fortune falls in front of me.

The fans in Nascar are what make Nascar who it is. The reason companies want to advertise in Nascar is because the fans are loyal to buying their products from the teams sponsors. When the race is over, and I step out of the winners circle, and all the media hoopla is over, I am going to my down to earth camper in the camp grounds that surround the race track where all the fans are getting drunk and raising hell, to share the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I finish my duties at the track each day, I will be resting with the hell raisin Nascar fans telling them the truth just like Jesus did.

They will see that I am just one of them, called by God to do His will. Just like Jesus, the greatest and most famous human ever to walk the earth, He was just one of them, He ate with them walked and talked with them, as He taught them the truth.
Just me and my old red Ford pickup and my awesome God fearin wife. We will be putting your business in the hands of God doing His will, according to His plan. We will be the most hands on Marketing team in Nascar. Nascar is already proven to be the best marketing money can buy, but ours will take you beyond what any other can do.

We will put your business in the winners circle of Nascar, we will reach the fans individually all across America each day with the truth of the Gospel, with your business at the forefront.

America is in a bad situation right now, the Gospel needs to be spread more than ever right now in this country. The people of America is looking for those who will stand up and lead in the midst of turmoil and crisis, who will lead them to the Truth, not down a path of lies and destruction. Your business needs to be doing Gods will, then God will bless your business beyond your dreams. It Is Time America to come together and unite, to gather in the lost, to make America great again, by repenting and turning to Jesus.
No politician is going to save America, only we the people can save it, by putting everything we got, into Jesus Christ and doing His will.
Come join us with your businesses, your money, your time and everything you got, to reach the lost and save America.
PO box 481 Mooresville NC 28115
Make checks payable to Renee' Teakell, she is the business manager.