Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Have I Offended You???

Praise God If I have Offended you, because nothing wakes someone up better than offending them!!!
I am the Church, anyone who is born again, is the Church. So when you hear me bad mouth the Church, Yes, if you are born again, I am talking to you, and me. MY FAMILY!!!

The Church has failed America, because if the Church had not failed America, the Church would still be in control, not the government. The government used to do what the Church told it to do, and if it didn't, they changed the leaders, quickly.

The reason the Church has failed America, is because it is not the government's job, to feed the hungry, or clothe the naked, or take care of the orphans and widows. It is not the government's job to pay for health care, or to pay for the sick to go to the doctor. It is not the government's job to house and take care of the mentally ill. 
It is not the government's job to interfere with the school doing its job of teaching the children right from wrong, but if the kids were taught right from wrong at home and the church, then the government would not have had to take the schools away from the church.

The reason the government is in control and the church is standing back whining and crying is because the church does not do its job any more. There is no one outside in the streets, preaching the gospel for the lost to hear, there is nobody healing the sick, or raising up the lame, or opening blinded eyes, deaf ears, loosing tongues, casting the demons out of the mentally ill. The youth are having abortions and sex out of marriage, drinking and doing drugs, wandering around lost, doing stupid stuff, because that's what the parents are doing, or the parents are not whipping their butts and teaching them what the bible says, nor are the parents or the churches teaching the truth.

The Church is not feeding or clothing the poor, the government is because the Church failed at it. The Church is too busy trying to, be Children of the king, rich, fancy, important, not servants of the most High God, walking like Jesus did. When you cant walk in a church 7 days a week, and get prayed for, feed a meal, or fresh clothes, shoes or a place to sleep, the Church has failed it's God given duty.

The Evangelists, Prophets and  Apostles, have been kicked out of the church and the Pastors put in charge, because nobody wants their toes stepped on, they don't want to hear all the Truth, they only want to hear what makes their itching ears tickle.

The Church is supposed to be mighty Warriors of God, ruling and reigning our nation, doing the will of God, leading and guiding this nation with the Truth of the Word and by Jesus example. Instead the Church is a bunch of whining and crying sissies scared to open their mouth afraid someone might say that aint legal. This nation was built by mighty Warriors of God, and it has been sold for comfort and laziness. I hope I have offended the church enough to get up off their lazy sissified butts and do the will of God.

I have repented for failing America, have you???


  1. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing, God bless

    1. Thanks for the input, it is time to get serious about doing the will of God. God bless you

    2. Well put Loyd!!! I thought I was the only one who gets it... I was wrong and you have confirmed what I have been saying and doing for over 20 years! Thank you and may Yeah bless you and Renee and everything you put your hand to...in His Holy Name, Amen!!!

      Linda Lewis, Platteville CO
      Last post was Anonymous because of all the things you have to do to simply reply ��

    3. Truth is hard to come by in America.