Friday, December 2, 2016

I Do Not Preach The Gospel....

I do not preach the Gospel because somebody told me a story about it. I do not preach the Gospel, because I read something that told me I could get to heaven if I did this.
I do not preach the Gospel because my Grandpa did. I do not preach the gospel because it is cool, or because it makes me money, or because it makes me a lot of new friends, or because my family thinks more highly of me.
I do not preach the gospel because it secures me a place in heaven, or because it makes me feel good, or because I get to make people feel warm and fuzzy inside, or because I want God to love me.

I preach the Gospel, because Jesus Christ personally came down from heaven and touched me with His hand and turned my life upside down. I preach the Gospel because I was individually, personally called by God to do so. I preach the Gospel because God took time out of His busy schedule to show me who He is.

I preach the Gospel because I know, Jesus Christ is real. Because He personally showed me His power, His Grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, and how powerful the Blood that He shed on the cross was.
I preach the Gospel because it is real, it is the Truth, it is Life, it is the only way to spend eternity with Jesus in heaven. I preach the Gospel, because Jesus set me free from alcohol, tobacco, coffee and all the lies the devil had me convinced of.  I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ because He showed me His Word is real.

I preach the Gospel because through a once drunken womanizing redneck, the worst of sinners, who gave up on everything and everyone I ever loved and cared for, and walked away from everyone who ever loved and cared for me, Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, healed broken bones, saved the lost, shut down drug houses and brought the dealers to their knees in repentance. He raised the dead back to life, He gave me a vision and showed me how it would come to pass, if I did not give up, but followed Him with all my heart soul mind and strength.

Jesus is not a fairy tail in some book that somebody made up so you could have something to hope for. Jesus is not some teddy bear that you can grab hold of when you need Him, and toss Him to the side when you don't need Him. Jesus is the Word, and everything the Word says is true. When Jesus says you must give up everything and follow me to be my disciple, that is what He means. When He says if you are Luke warm, I will vomit you into the streets, He means it.
I preach the Gospel, because Jesus called me before the foundations of the earth were set in place, to save the lost, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to open blinded eyes and deaf ears, and to set the captives free and to deliver the good news to the poor.
I preach the Gospel, so the lost will be found, so hopefully someone will heed the truth and answer the call of Jesus Christ to be His children, His sheep.
Very hard times are coming, and if you don't know Jesus, you will not survive the last days, and if you are Luke warm, you will be vomit in the streets. There are only two options, Truth, or a lie, light or darkness, sin or righteousness, heaven or hell, Jesus or satan, which one will you decide, comfort, or to lay down your life for the truth????


  1. God called me too. Not to preach the Gospel, but to make a self-supporting shelter for those who come to the Lord after the Rapture. I now have 2 acres and am upgrading the soil for vegetable growing, fruit orchard, etc. A house that will hold 14 men, a 4-section barn (1/4 is a chicken run for meat chickens), a 2-section shed (1/2 will be a coop for laying hens soon). A pond (that so far, doesn't hold water). A will to keep going even tho I'm 68, a widow, with arthritis, and knee and lung disorders (I figure if God is my Lord, I better do as he commands, right?). When I go into town, people avoid me, because I've approached them all to share the Gospel, and they don't want to hear it again, lol. And yes, I'd lay down my life for Him.

  2. Sounds like you have layed down your life for Him. His Word says by His stripes you were healed, all you have to do is except His word, and you will be healed of all your infirmities.