Friday, December 23, 2016

The Cry Of Our Hearts

My dear Brothers and Sister, my family and friends, My heart aches for those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, those who are lost, and bound up with the devil's lies and schemes.
We have got to get serious about doing the will of God, We have got to get serious about following Jesus and giving Him our whole lives, our part time religion is going to destroy our nation, It Is Time to repent of our slack and laziness in to doing God's will.

Please hear my cry for repentance, my cry for my people, my nation, my family to get serious about seeking the face of Jesus and being the vessel that Jesus uses to gather in the lost.
The fire of the Holy Spirit awaits those who will lay it all down for Jesus and devote their lives for the will of God to be done. The greatest blessing in the whole world comes from giving your all to Jesus.

Listen to Jesus, He is calling out to His people, can't you hear Him calling, put down the things of This world, pick up the things of God, It Is Time now to answer the call of God. Revival, and the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world is waiting to take place, the answer of the children of God to His call, that is all that stands in the way. Jesus is calling you now, to repentance and full submission, He wants all of you, all you got devoted to His will being done, luke warm time is over, please answer the call.

This is Renee'
Spend time with God. No one can tell you what God's call on your life is but Him. The only way to find out how to answer the call is to get before God and find out what His call on your life is. Don't just keep going along doing your business without spending quality time to pray, read the word and be quiet before God and get to know His heart and His calling on your life. Don't assume that He will tell you if He wants you to know. You must spend time with Him. A relationship with God is like every other relationship. In order for it to be good, you must work at it. You must spend time fellowshipping with God and getting to know who He is for yourself. Devote time every day to work on your relationship with God so that he can use you in a mighty way in these end times.

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