Loyd's Stories

Life after hitting the wall:

We got a job off of the internet on a cattle ranch in Nebraska feeding and taking care of a 1o,ooo acre ranch and 1,000 mother cows through the winter. We also started going to a little Assembly of God church. While we were there, around Christmas ,the owner got very ill and they put him in the hospital. I went to the hospital led by God and witnessed to the owner. That day he gave his heart to the Lord. The Lord was working on that little church and he connected me and another man that was also visiting the pastor. We both connected on the revival mode, but the devil jumped in and shut it all down, through a series of events. I was out feeding one morning on the tractor when God said, "I need you to go to Florida. I have people who are crying out in the streets for Me." So Renee' and I prayed, I gave my notice and we told God to send someone better qualified than me for the job. I gave my notice on Thursday; Saturday morning they hired a replacement. So we said our goodbyes the church prayed over us and we headed to Florida.

We ended up back in Florida at the altar of a church fasting and praying for that church's survival. After a 32 day fast, we had lost a lot of weight and were very week. God began building us back up. My dad had died during that time of fasting and praying and God told me not to leave my post but to stay in battle.

There was a young lady with a baby going through some serious battles and needed a car. God told us to give her the jeep. Boy, that was hard. It was the only transportation we had, but we obeyed the Lord.  During this time a man at the church allowed us to use his pickup because we were driving to downtown praying over and preaching to the drug dealers and prostitutes and homeless people. One day we were walking around praying when a very large black man from the center of the homeless shelter property yelled out, "Hey you!"  I pointed at myself and said, "You talking to me?" He said, "Yes, come here."  So, Renee’ and I walked over to him and he asked what we were doing. I told him we are walking around talking to God and praying for people. He said, "Really, when you leave could you pray for me?" I told him no, but that we would pray for him now. He said that he was high from drugs and that would be disrespecting God. I told him that no it would not and that God wanted to meet him right here where he is. I told him that now is the time to pray. he said he needed help. Renee' and I grabbed his hands and began to pray with him. He accepted the Lord and when we got through praying he hugged me like a bear and was crying like a baby. My whole shirt was wet from his tears.  We never saw that man there again.

Also, during that time, a very young drug dealer was the leader of a drug house. There were a lot of young men who looked up to him and followed him and sold drugs for him out of that house. For two weeks we had been circling that block praying over those boys and that house. We had sat on the curb outside that house several times and talked to them about Jesus. One time as we were getting up to leave they asked us not to go. They said, "We like listening to what you have to say." One morning at about 2 am God woke me up and told me that now was the time. He said to go now to downtown. I woke Renee’ up and we went straight there. As we drove up to that house, they did not recognize us until we came to a stop. They thought we were coming to buy drugs, but the second the leader's eyes caught mine he said, "No, you can’t come here preacher. I am working. You have to leave." I put the pickup in park and turned the key off. He said, "No you can’t do this! You have to leave now!" I opened the door and got out. I said, "Tonight is the night." He laid his head on the pickup shaking his head and he said, "I knew this night was coming." The Lord spoke to me everything to say. I told him God called him to lead these boys but he was leading them the wrong direction. I said that tonight God was going to take control of his life and show him the right direction. He began to cry and gave his life to the Lord right there in the streets in front of all those boys.  His whole drug operation was shut down and he got saved through us being led by God. Several others got saved during our time there being led by God.

The 600 mile journey:

 We were living in the back of the church sleeping on the floor and eating out of the church pantry; mostly just vegetables and fruit from the nearby fruit trees. Two weeks after we finished our fast, God told me to walk to Charlotte, North Carolina. I told God that He needed to tell Renee’, not me. He did and we started our six hundred mile journey that would change our way of trusting in God. We did not have a dime to our name and did not ask anybody for anything. A person from the church offered us a bus ticket but we turned it down because God distinctively told us to walk. Then the church gave us some money and so did one of the members. So we had money to begin our journey. Someone had also bought us brand new tennis shoes to begin the walk. It was early spring in central Florida which is pretty warm. Not having a clue what we were facing, we started our walk. The first day we walked 20 miles and a young married couple, rednecks, gave us a ride the last 5 miles to the first city. We got to witness to them and pray with them. We were so tired after the first day. Renee' said her legs hurt so bad that she would not be able to walk the next day.  We slept on the concrete steps of a Baptist church across from the police station.

When we woke the next morning, we were full of life and ready to go. We had no pains; only a few small blisters on our feet. I had been carrying a duffle bag  which was killing my neck so we bought two kid's back packs and shared the load. As we were waiting on the store to open up, I got to lead a backslidden man back to the Lord outside the store. We also got to witness to a wino and gave her some food money. We got our backpacks and headed on. It seemed like we walked forever. I have very soft weenie feet and they were beginning to get a lot of blisters on them. Renee' was getting a few also. The new shoes didn’t help. We ended up getting a ride from a real estate salesman for 10 or 15 miles. We also got a chance to witness to him.

The next day, we entered the Ocala national forest. We rested a few times but ended up walking till about midnight. We stopped to sleep just past a major intersection in a real sandy area. I shined my flashlight around to make sure there were no varmint tracks or ant hills. All was good, so we went to sleep. We had no blankets or sleeping bag; all we had was a pair of long johns each. About 3 am a cold front blew in and it got freezing cold. Renee' and I did all we could to try and stay warm but we were shivering so bad we could not sleep. I told Renee' the only way to get warm was to walk. We were so tired, but colder than we were tired. As we got up, I was shining the flash light to make sure we did not leave anything and there was a perfect imprint of a huge black bear footprint right by our heads. It was fresh; we definitely had angels watching over us. This was the only time on the whole trip that we hitchhiked. We were so cold we just wanted someone to pick us up, but no one would stop. Finally, the sun came up. We walked till about 11 am and found a sandy slope in the sun. We crashed in the sun and slept like babies.

We ended up spending our first Sabbath day’s rest at a little resort town on Easter weekend. During that Sabbath's day rest, the blisters on our feet healed up and we rested like we ain't never rested. I believe this was the most tired we had ever been in our lives. There was a church having Easter Sunday service in the park. The Lord gave me a word for those people but the Pastor said that they already had our own agenda we didn't have room for anything else, so I couldn’t give that word. This is America's biggest problem. They have their own agenda and don’t want God’s agenda.
We took off again after our Sabbath, revived. We finally made it to Palatka, Florida where we encountered our first Wal-Mart. Wow, how excited we were to finally get a sleeping bag. I only bought 1 but it was an oversized one and I bought a big backpack so I could take some load off Renee’. After we bought that sleeping bag we found a nice sunny spot by the railroad tracks and had a nice nap and picnic. We continued walking and late that evening we came to a little  nondenominational church and we thought this will be great we will just sleep on the ground beside the church. We spread out our sleeping bag, took off our shoes and were cleaning our feet with alcohol when the pastor and a deacon came up and told us we had to leave. They said the church does not allow drifters because they are afraid of getting robbed. Renee’ and I left without a fuss but they still called the cops on us as we were walking down the road. The cops questioned us and told us them people were strange and let us go. When we arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, we were on an 8 lane highway and we were beat, so we decided to sit down on the side of the road and rest. Well, we fell fast asleep and the next thing we know the cops are parked right by us. We woke up and they asked what in the world we were doing. They said last week a person got run over and killed on the side of this road. They also said the report that came in about us was that two bodies were lying on the side of the road dead. We ended up catching a bus and getting to the other side of town where we came to an Assembly of God church. We laid down in the back of the church yard and slept. We went to the service that night and the pastor gave us 20 dollars and told us we could sleep in their yard no problem.
That next day we had walked and walked and were tired and hadn’t seen any stores along the way. We could tell we were getting close to a town and I told God I would just like to have a snickers bar. We walked about 100 yards and there on the side of the road was a perfect Milky Way candy bar just lying on the edge of the pavement. There was not a scratch on it; just like someone had just laid it there for me. I thanked God and Renee’ teased me and I ate it. God was just telling me that I was right on track; stay the course.
At this point we had not had a shower or slept in a bed and our feet had lots of blisters. At night I would pop Renee’s blisters and mine and wash our feet with alcohol while Renee’ cried. This was very hard on me, but God told me to give her to Him. He said that He knew what she can handle and you didn't, so from that point on I did not worry anymore just focused and walked.
As we came into Georgia, we got a ride about 10 miles to the border after we changed a flat on a woman’s car that was on the side of the road. As the night drew near the mosquitoes were so thick you could hardly breathe without sucking them down your throat. We were in the swamp lands of southern Georgia. I am a mosquito magnet anyway and you could not stop or they would eat you alive, so we walked extremely fast for a very long time to keep from getting bit too bad. Very late that night close to midnight we found a field where they had just harvested all the timber and the wind was blowing through that field just enough to keep the mosquitoes away. We parked our bodies in that field and crashed. We were beat down tired. About three in the morning, the Lord woke me up and said that rain was coming and we needed to walk, so I woke Renee’ up and we headed up the road. We were looking for shelter where we could sleep but could not find any; just a bunch of woods and mosquitoes. Finally, just before daylight, we found a fire station with an awning and we got under it. 5 minutes after we sat down, it began to rain hard and we curled up and went to sleep. The deputy came and woke us up, ran our licenses and said to go back to sleep, so we did. I had so many mosquito bites I could not count them all. We came to a little town named Nahunta Georgia and we found a portable building sales lot right by a laundry mat and we snuck into one of those buildings and slept. We got up the next morning and hung around town. We were tired and beat up, wanting to quit this trip. We walked a little ways out of town and the mosquitoes were still biting and I got mad and cussed God. I had spoken to those mosquitoes and rebuked them, confessed the word to them and they would not leave. I was mad and wanted to quit this walk. We went back to that town and slept in one of those buildings again. In the middle of the night I developed a fever from those mosquitoes and I thought I was going to die I was so hot. Renee’ slept right through it. She did not have near as many bites as I did. I was covered with them.
The next morning God told me that if I wanted to quit, it was all right with Him and from this day forward whatever we decided to do He would bless. We decided to keep walking. The next night we heard there was rain coming so we tried to find shelter to sleep. All we could find was a John Deere tractor, so when the storm hit we slept in the seat of the tractor with Renee’ in my lap. We still got wet but not completely and Renee’ had cut off the blood to my legs. I limped for a week after that but it finally got better. The next day we were wet and tired from lack of sleep during the storm. We were cold and our sleeping bag was wet. A school teacher from Austria picked us up and took us in to town. We asked him if he knew Jesus and he told us that Jesus was an amazing man and that he had read the whole Bible, but he said Jesus' teaching was too hard. He said there was no way he could follow the commands of Jesus. He also said most of the people who claim to be Christians were liars cause he never seen anyone follow His commands. We tried to tell the truth, but he wouldn't listen. He dropped us off at a laundry mat where we could dry our stuff. That was when the fever hit Renee’. She was tired and miserable and you could see it. I got her some food and she slept at the table in that laundry mat where it was warm. I just spent that time reading the word.
The next day we ran out of money and a Christian lady and her daughter-in-law picked us up and gave us a ride. We shared our love for God and a little of our journey with them. They gave us a zebra cake and 20 dollars. Just in time; just like God, always on time. We ate a little and kept walking. It had warmed up by this time and it began to rain on us. There was no shelter in sight, but it was warm so we kept walking. We got soaked and dried as we walked. It was getting close to dark and there was no town or shelter in sight and it began to rain again. You know when you have not had a bath in 14 days and it rains and gets you wet, you stink pretty bad. About that time a minivan pulled over up ahead of us a ways. He wasn’t backing up so Renee’ and I began to pray for God to speak to this man and let him know that he didn't need to be afraid of us and not to let him leave without giving us a ride. We asked God to give him courage. He gave us a ride all the way to Statesboro Georgia. He was catholic and we shared the truth of the gospel and our journey with him all the way to Statesboro. There, he got us a motel where they served free hot breakfast and he bought us 20 dollars’ worth of groceries for our backpack. He would not let us pray for him, but he did tell us he wished he had more money he could spend on us. We told him this was more than enough and he was a great blessing. We also prayed for him after he left. We showered and ate and slept and showered and ate and slept like babies and kings and queens. This was the greatest blessing God had ever given us. We were so happy and revived. We didn’t leave that motel until the check-out time.

As we neared Augusta, about 40 miles out, we passed a house where a man was in the front yard. He asked us if we needed to fill our water jug. I told him no thank you because we had plenty of water. You can't carry too much at a time because it is too heavy. We were in the middle of nowhere, about 5 miles past his house when a minivan pulled up to give us a ride. It was that man. He said, "I was praying to the Lord after yall passed by and the Lord told me those are My children and I want you to give them a ride to Augusta and give them 20 dollars." So he did that very thing. We slept in a portable building that night and ate some good fried chicken. The funny thing thus far has been that every time we run out of money someone gives us money soon after. We have not missed one meal. We have eaten three meals a day and sometimes a late night snack. Every time we stop for a Sabbath our blisters heal up completely. Every night when we lie down our muscles ache and every morning we wake up with no pain. God is awesome!!
After we left Augusta many things happened, we were walking along and a Mexican food restaurant was on the side of the highway. It was about 10 pm so we hunkered down beside it and went to sleep under a picnic table. About an hour later a car full of Mexicans pulled up and shined there lights right on us, we got up and they said if the owner finds us there he will call the cops we should leave to avoid that, so we did. A couple of miles down the road a pickup pulled over and it was those Mexicans, they brought us a big bag of all the leftovers from the restaurant still warm, we had fajitas and hot wings rice and tortillas. That was awesome. We found a roadside produce stand that looked abandoned and we bedded down there. The next morning was Sunday we had encountered a little rain the night before so we were letting things dry the next morning as we seen all the cars going by headed to church. We so wanted someone to stop and invite us to church but it didn’t happen, so we kept walking. We were out of money but still had some food from the Mexicans.
We ate the Mexican food for breakfast and continued walking, stopped at a convenience store at noon, we had a few crackers in our backpack and enough to buy a nutty bar, this was the closest we ever came to missing a meal. We came into this little town about 5 pm this was still Sunday, we had a strong desire to find a church where we could just worship and spend some time with God. Every church we passed had no Sunday night service. Finally we found a Church of God that was a little off the beaten path, so we went there and peaked our heads in the door there were three little old ladies and I told them we were hikers and didn’t smell the best but would they mind if we came and sit in the back and worship with them. They said yes so we did. The pastor introduced himself and when praise and worship started they had an awesome piano player she was anointed and we just worshiped and went to the alter and cried it was awesome, totally God. The preacher got up to preach and he told the congregation that he didn’t normally do things this way but he said the Lord spoke to me and said, give the offering to those two hikers, so they took up the offering and it was 82 dollars what a blessing. When the service was over the piano player asked where we were headed we told her we were going back to town to get something to eat then heading north to Charlotte. She told us the Lord told her to take us where we needed to go, so she took us to a Mexican food restaurant and bought our food, then took us 40 miles to the interstate and bought us a motel for the night. What an awesome blessing, we had ran out of food and money at noon and by 8 o’clock that night we were 40 miles further in a motel with full belly’s and 82 dollars in our pocket.
As we were walking the next day we came to an intersection and prayed to ask God which way to go, he said straight so we proceeded. About noon we came to a bar and grill convenient store in the middle of nowhere and we were hungry so we got a burger and sat down to eat it. There was a couple of young boys in their drinking beer and they started asking questions, so we started telling them the story of our journey and how God had done so many miracles, they were in awe of our story. The owner offered us a house with no electricity to spend the night, I just felt the Lord nudge me to keep going so I said thank you and turned it down. An older man was at the counter checking out and had been listening to our stories. When we got outside he asked us how our finances were and we told him we had plenty of money and were doing fine, he asked could he at least give us 20 dollars, we said sure we prayed with him and kept walking.
After walking about 4 hours it was nearing 5 o’clock pm, we were passing by this rolling hills hay pasture with trees all around it and a nice looking older house overlooking it all, we were commenting on how beautiful this whole place was, about that time this little pickup passed by us and pulled into the driveway of this beautiful place. The pickup stopped like he was going to check the mail, but when the man got out it was the man from the store that gave us the 20 dollars and we prayed with. He asked me how much longer we were going to walk, I told him I wasn’t sure we would just be led by God. He said well I live here alone and would be honored if you would come and stay the night with me. Renee' did not hesitate one second normally she would wait for me to make the decision but she said absolutely we would be honored, so we stayed. Come to find out he was a millionaire and an antique collector, his house was full of very old antiques from the area most from his father’s old store. We got a shower and slept in an old feather bed it was awesome.
When we woke the next morning he took us down to the local restaurant and bought us breakfast fried eggs hash browns and bacon wow words could not explain how we felt inside. He then took us about 40 miles down the road and dropped us off we prayed with him and he told us he could not explain how much we blessed him by staying the night in his house. We said the same to him and continued on our way. We walked most of the day and then a man picked us up and dropped us off in Rock Hill South Carolina, man we sure are close to our destination. That night we stayed in Fort Mill in a peach orchard off the beaten path and we got some strawberry bread from a local store for breakfast. We are only one day away from Charlotte, man are we excited at this time. A friend of ours from Nebraska has decided to meet us in Charlotte and spend some time with us.
The end of the Journey:
As we were coming in to Charlotte we had to get on the interstate for a few miles and low and behold a deputy pulls over and says what are you stupid people doing walking down the interstate. Well I didn’t really have an answer so I just said it was on the way. He got all cocky and was going to arrest me I told him go ahead a bed and a free meal wouldn’t hurt my feelings none. He decided to let us go and told us to get off at the next exit. All the cops we encountered on the way never once asked us if they could give us a ride out of harm’s way just that we must be stupid. None of the churches ever offered us a place to sleep either just that it was fine to sleep in their yard they didn’t mind a bit, except that one piano player in that Church of God.
 Well we arrived at this church in Charlotte almost exactly the same time our buddy arrived from Nebraska. We told this pastor what we had just done and he told us that was the devil not God, he would never put someone through that much pain. I told him that was the most powerful 23 days of my life and my wife agreed. We went to the service and left with our friend to camp in the mountains for a while and rest. That pastor didn’t offer us anything either and we knew him. We drove up to the mountains and rested greatly. After we were there about two weeks we all three felt like God was telling us to climb the mountain. Renee’ and I had this favorite mountain we like to climb, it is medium difficulty some spots a little tuff but not too bad, and it has an awesome view, our friend had never been up there so we took him.
It was in the sixties at the bottom of the mountain and in the thirties at the top right at freezing. There was a little ice along the way. When we got almost to the top at the lodge the woodstove was burning and we went in to warm up. It was so foggy you could hardly see each other. They said the weather forecast said the clouds would not go away today, there was no way you could see the view today. I told our friend that we brought him to see the view we had to go the extra half mile to the top so he agreed and we made it. Just like they said you couldn’t see anything, we hung around about an hour no change. I started talking to God, I said God our friend came all the way from Nebraska to be with us and you told us to climb this mountain, and we did, now we need you to show this view to our friend, I said in the name of Jesus I command you clouds to part, I blew with my mouth, you could see the clouds start moving around, I said again in the name of Jesus part and I blew with my mouth again, in 10 minutes the clouds had completely parted and you could see the entire view. We were all amazed at God. You would just have to understand the dense fog and no wind blowing and the forecast, we worshiped and praised God and went back down the mountain.

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