Almost a Champion

Almost a Champion

When I was 8 years old, my mom entered me into peewee league baseball. They decided to try me at pitcher. I pitched the first game and I pitched a no hitter. 8 years old they just thought they weren’t good hitters. Second game a no hitter, possible coincidence. Third game no hitter. Forth no hitter. I was getting a reputation and people and coaches were talking about me.  They tried everything they could, no one could hit me. We made it all the way through regular season undefeated and all no hitters. We made it through the play offs no hitters. We were preparing for the city championship, but our family vacation was scheduled for the same weekend as the championship game. My coaches tried to get my dad to let me stay with them but dad said no, we were a family and vacation was for family and I had to go no more questions. When we got back they had lost the championship.

I pitched every game of the season and no one ever hit me and we lost the championship because I was not there. I was 8 years old, I was a little discouraged but not for long, it was not really a big deal, life went on. This was the beginning of a life of never finishing anything, walking away and giving up on everything and everybody that was ever a part of my life. I played every sport possible and never was a winner again. I began working hard mowing lawns and making money. I paid cash for a Yamaha motor cycle at the age of 10, $800.00, pretty good for a ten year old boy. I drove that motorcycle with all I had, wrecked it so much my dad almost made me sell it before I killed myself, I survived.

 At age 13, I had sex with a beautiful 28 year old lady. She lured me into her arms and I had sex for the first time in my life that night with a 28 year old beautiful lady. The devil entered my life that night and I became his slave. I was possessed with the spirit of lust, I thrived, desired sex 24/7.  I became obsessed with masturbation and sex. I began to drink alcohol also at the age of 13. When I was 15 I was getting in to a lot of trouble and my dad took a transfer all the way across Texas. I became an alcoholic and a sex maniac. I was blind drunk the night a 45 year old man sexually molested me, it embarrassed me so bad I could not tell anyone about it. Once again rage was building up in side of me and I had no clue how to get it out.

I got my driver’s license and began running heavy equipment in the oil fields when I wasn’t in school. I had so many different girlfriends. They got tired of me trying to screw all of them and dumping them for another. I quit school at age 17, left home and moved into an apartment with my buddies. I got a DUI, a minor in possession and a public drunkenness all in one week. Went to jail 3 times the first week I left home. My mom told me if I didn’t change my ways I would not live to see 25. She told me I needed God. I told her I did not need God and I was going to go out into the world and show the world who Loyd Teakell was and make my daddy proud. I was out of control.

First Wife

I was a workaholic and made good money, always drinking and partying and chasing women. I got married at 19 to my first wife, and for the next 5 years destroyed her life. I worked and quit worked and quit, job after job. I used one company against another to make more money. I was an exceptionally good heavy equipment operator. I was arrogant, greedy and cared nothing about anybody but Loyd.

At age 25 I divorced my first wife after cheating on her regularly, over and over, and married my second wife. I divorced my first wife because she couldn’t have kids. I married my second cause she already had one kid, so I figured she would do for what I needed. I had to have kids because I was the only Teakell left to carry my grandfather’s name.

Had two kids with her, divorced her cheated on her repeatedly, and lived with her for several years, continually cheating on her. I stayed drunk and was always working making money. She left me at age 30 and went back to her daddy. I was glad about that. I became the biggest playboy in Ft. Worth Texas.  I got transferred to Oklahoma and married my third wife and had a son with her.

At age 30 I had had more jobs than most 80 year old men. I was cheating on my first three wives before I ever married them and continually cheated the whole time I was married to them. At this time I had quit everything I had ever started and left everyone who ever cared for me. I would curse my mom to her face and on the phone; I knew she was praying for me. I had moved up the ladder in construction to be the big boss, running major highway companies; they turned their whole companies over for me to run, and paid me dearly to do so. I had sex with any woman that walked in front of me and lived on alcohol.

I was an angry obsessed, demon possessed, arrogant, idiot, that only cared about what Loyd wanted and nothing else. I owned my own highway company with a partner at 35, my head never quit growing and neither did my ego. God had called me and I knew it and was running hard from God. God is very patient. At age 36 I lost everything I had ever worked for, I left my wife and she wouldn’t let me see my son. Who could blame her. At this moment in my life I began to drink for a living and worked so I could drink and race. For the next three years I did not breathe very many sober breaths. I married and divorced my fourth wife and almost a fifth one during these next 3 years.

Running from God accelerated

I was living in total chaos, driving my race car like a crazed idiot. The owner of the race track I was racing at told me one night Loyd I know you are going through some hard times in your life, but don’t kill yourself on my race track.

I ended up in Florida because there was a lot of Highway work going on there at that time. This was 2004. During the next three months 3 hurricanes hit Florida. It was flooded from one end to the other and we were not able to work because of the hurricanes. I was about broke from not working and a long way from home. I ended up in Jail again, with serious charges, possibly facing prison time. Stayed drunk and chasing women, had already changed companies 3 times, tried to start two businesses in Florida, and started with my fourth company.

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