Vision And Plan Revisited

Sometimes Loyd is long winded and he has a lot of stories on this blog that may tend to run together. This is my attempt to tell our vision and plan in a complete and understandable way. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please browse our blog, especially the pages that include our testimonies and other stories. If you are looking at this on your phone, you will need to go to the web version and then move all the way to the right to get to the pages.

God has called us to the redneck fans of NASCAR. He has told us that Loyd will preach His word from the winners circle and championship stage. There are many arenas in the world and they all need people to reach them for Jesus. We are called to the NASCAR fan arena. In order to reach this people group, we need to get a car in the winners circle. Loyd is called to drive and preach. Everyone always wants to hear what the winning driver has to say. When Loyd is the winning driver, he will tell the fans the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not a watered down gospel where you just say a few words and then can go on about your business, but the true gospel that lets you know that Jesus gave His life for you and wants your life in exchange. That He has a plan for every person to live for Him and lead others to Him and bring Him glory. We will also be in the campgrounds with the fans. Loyd will be a driver that will embrace the fans and be with them as much as possible. That is the whole point. Racing is not the point, it is the bait. The fans are the fish. Fishing is the point. When you read more on our blog, you will see that we have raced in Daytona and had a beautiful purple car with Jesus on the hood. Loyd is not new to racing. He can drive a race car.
We have been to businesses all over this country to try to get sponsorship for a racecar. So far, we have not been successful in getting a sponsor. It seems that businesses do not want to be involved with anything that has to do with Jesus or a driver that they do not already know. We think it would be great if the Christians of America would come together and sponsor our car. There has never been a people sponsored car before. The more people that would get involved, the less it would cost per person, obviously. Again, even with this idea, we have so far come up short. It seems that people do not want to give when they cannot see the car yet. So, it's kind of a catch. No one wants to give until they can see the car and the team, but there cannot be a car and a team until people are willing to give.

We believe that God can miraculously provide for this Himself, but we believe that He would rather use His people in unity. We believe He is giving His people a chance to be involved. We need people who will join with us by praying and by giving.

We have given our all to this vision that God has given us. We have quit working for the world and are out in the streets and the alleys preaching on the internet and ministering to people who come across our paths.

I don't know if you can catch the enormity of this vision. God has showed us that the race tracks will be our churches. We will be out in the campgrounds around the tracks as well as in the track itself. There are thousands of people at every race. If you have ever been to a race, you know that these fans need to know who Jesus is. These are people who will never step their foot into a church to seek out Jesus. Many of them think they know Jesus because they have said a few words, but continue to live a life that is not pleasing to Him. Many have never even heard that Jesus came to this earth and died for their sins. That is hard to believe in this country, but it is true. Many don't know why it would even be important for Jesus to come and die for them. They just think that everyone should just do what ever makes them happy and everything will be okay. There are many people out there who have never picked up a Bible, but have made up their own idea of who God is and what He requires.

I guess I am being long winded myself. We just want people to understand our vision and pray and ask God if He would have you to be involved in praying and/or giving. That's all we are asking. And if we are not expressing what is in our hearts in an understandable way, please contact us with any questions whatsoever. When you have something in your heart and you can visualize it very well, sometimes you leave things out when you are trying to express it to others. Sometimes we see things and just assume that it is seen by all and it is not. Our heart and vision is for these lost fans. We cannot reach them by ourselves.

Thanks for taking time to read this and prayerfully considering if God would have you partner with us.

Grace and peace,

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