The Plan

We will have a full fledged NASCAR Sprint Cup team with enough money to compete for the win every week. We will not be a partially funded team that drives around the back of the pack. The reason for this is to be able to reach the NASCAR fans who do not know Jesus. Most of the unbelieving fans are not going to go visit a church on Sunday. They are not out actively seeking God because they know about Him and will give Him a nod every once in a while, so they think they are good and set for heaven. There is a different kind of bait that you need to catch every kind of fish. The fish that we are called to catch need winning race car bait. You can go out to the races and try to talk to people about Jesus, but they are not interested. They have come there to party and see a race. They don't want to talk about anything else. But when the winning race car driver gets out of his car, all ears are tuned to what he has to say. Our driver, which is Loyd, will be talking about Jesus and how you can give your life to him and be saved.

We do not know how the finances will come. Finances could come from God's people working together to give the money to sponsor the car, they could come from the normal business sponsorships that you see on most race cars today. Finances can come however God sees fit.

We do not know if the car will look like it did in 2006 or if we will have business sponsors that will want their name and colors on the car. The main point is to get the car out there and in the winner's circle so that it can be the bait to catch the redneck fan fish for Jesus.

The money that comes in from racing and winning races will go to fund the workers who will be going out with our show cars. They will be going out with the show cars and drawing a crowd to preach the gospel of Jesus. My wife and I will also be traveling around the country ministering to people as well. The possibilities for helping people and showing them the love and salvation of Jesus are endless.

The money that comes in will not be spent for our glory or "our kingdom". It will be spent to further the kingdom of God and for His glory.



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