The Vision

When God showed me His plan for my life in January 2005, I was 39 years old. I was single and had laid down my life and given up everything to follow God. I had nothing left but a burning desire to follow God and do His will.

God told me that the next February, which would be 2006, I would race Daytona. He showed me the car would be purple with red and white letters and numbers. It would have Jesus Christ Racing on the hood and it would be number 7.

He showed me the hauler with scriptures and a cross on it. And He showed me a website and a racing shop.
These things have come to pass as you can see from the pictures.
He told me next that if I would follow Him and obey His word and His voice, He would take me to the winner's circle of NASCAR's top series and stand me on the championship stage and I would speak His words.

He told me that these race tracks would be my churches and He would pour out His Spirit and these fans would lay down their lives for Him to do His will. He showed me that He would do signs and wonders in the heavens that would be displayed for all to see. He said we would win regularly and the doors would be opened to speak His words. He said that He would show the world that He called me to bring His people to repentance. He showed me thousands of people falling on their face repenting and giving their lives to Him. This is the entire purpose of the race car. It is not just to have something fun to do and make money. It is to reach people who most likely will never step their foot in a church.

He showed me that my wife and I would stay in the campgrounds with the fans and share that gospel to hundreds of lost rednecks at each race. We will stay in a humble travel trailer, not in an elaborate motor home like the other drivers.

This part of the vision has not yet come to pass. We are believing God for the finances to carry it out. We know that the finances will come through God's people. The money will come from God's people working together to give and sponsor this vision and God's business people, etc. We are not going to go until we have the finances to put a winning quality car on the track. We are not going to go out there and run around the back of the track because we cannot afford a quality car. That would not draw the people to listen to what we have to say about Jesus.


  1. People will listen, regardless of the car. Have FAITH.

    1. You would have to tell that to God, I didn't give me the vision, my life would have been a whole lot simpler if I had never got this vision. God bless. Thanks for the comment